Year in Review | Disappointing Products of 2017

Disappointing products of 2017 | Sephora, Too faced and Laura Mercier

I don’t have many products that I find to be disappointing. I may not use each of my products as much as I want to but it’s not because I’m avoiding them, it’s simply that I have so many products that I’m trying to use. However there are some products in my collection that have just disappointed me. It was completely unexpected and I had high hopes for them but they just let me down.


Laura Mercier | Candleglow  Sheer Perfecting Powder in Medium Deep

This powder felt so nice in Sephora when I swatched it, it felt beautiful and I thought it would be a great powder. I thought about it and contemplated and finally bit the bullet. Almost as soon as I got it the powder started to develop hard pan and I had scrape it off to use it. No matter what I did or which brush I used it just continued to develop a hard pan. I’ve scraped off more product than I’ve actually used. I’m disappointed with this product and myself for not returning it to Sephora when I had the chance. I thought that I could make it work alas it just doesn’t work for me.

Too Faced | Chocolate Bar Palette

People have raved about this palette for years, I always saw it placed in many favourites video’s. So when Too Faced was having a sale I picked up this guy and the Sweet Peach Palette (which has not let me down). For my skin tone this palette just isn’t a winner, I know that chocolate was the inspiration for the palette but it’s packed with browns and varying shades of brown. Which might look great on someone who is light or medium complexion however on me they just end up looking the same. The nuances between them are barely discernible. So I pretty much have a palette of just brown shadows with a few other shades. I may end up giving this guy away because it annoys me to see it.

Sephora Collection | Canary Bronzer

I deliberated long and hard about this guy, going back and forth on whether or not I should purchase it. I finally picked it up only to find that it was too light for my skin and full of sparkles. I picked the darkest shade possible but it still wasn’t deep enough, the shimmer I don’t mind too much but if the colour is off it can’t do much for me in the way of bronzing can it. This is also another product that I will have to pass on to someone else. And again just like I did with the Laura Mercier powder I should have returned it when I had the chance but I didn’t.

So there is my list of disappointing products, these were all purchased in the past year and looking at the numbers when I compare how much I bought and loved or liked to these 3, I didn’t fare too badly.

What were some disappointing products for you this year?