Lessons Learnt | 2018 Retrospect

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Every year I try and think of what my goals and plans are for the coming year. I usually find this task difficult because it feels like so many of the things that I want to do are contingent on other factors. One thing I’ve realized is that I’ve spent so much time focused on making it through this year that apart from a few things there’s not much on my goals list.

I don’t know when it became standard practice to have goals for the year or even for the month, but I feel a bit like a failure because I don’t have an extensive list of things that I want to accomplish. My personal and professional goals are pretty focused right now. My main aim is to be in a position where I can flourish, that’s pretty much my 2019 goal. I want to flourish, I want to do well and be well. I want to thrive.

In years past, I’ve had words of the year ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘Vision’ they’ve both reflected where my thinking was and what my hopes for the year were. I don’t think I’ll be doing a word of the year post for 2019 but if I do it would be ‘Flourish’.

Last year one of my goals was to finally finish getting my license. I didn’t mention it on the blog but personally it was something that I had been thinking about extensively.  It had taken me far too long. Now my focus this 2019 is to get a car. I test drove a few different cars this year, Kia, Honda, Nissan. In the end I think it will come down to what I can afford. I do want an SUV, I like the added height an SUV gives me when looking at the road.

Looking back at my post from last year I focused on lessons that I learned and what I wanted to change in the New Year.

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So quick update, in regards to planning for the unexpected I haven’t been too bad. I will say though that this year has been pretty quiet. I had to replace my laptop battery- which I knew. And I had to get some dental work done. Otherwise there wasn’t anything too big that came up.

In regards to saving my money and not spending it. I failed people I outright failed. Oh I saved money but like I mentioned in the post from last year, it seems that I’m saving it just to spend it. My debt to savings ratio is okay but, 2019 I really have to bring my A game. I briefly spoke with a financial advisor about my options, I’m going to make a concentrated effort to contribute to my TFSA savings account. This 2019 will not pass me by and I haven’t improved my saving and investment situation.

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Keeping with the theme of what I’ve learnt this year. I’ve learnt how vitally important it is to speak to life, I think that I have a post from a few years ago that touches on this topic, but this year, this way of thinking has really helped me. It’s kept me positive when I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, it also kept me from focusing on the negative situations and things that were happening this year. I was able to navigate through it all because I didn’t dwell on how things looked in that moment but instead focused on what the Bible said, that things were going to work out for me, that things were going to be turned around in my favour. 

This year I also put more energy into taking care of my health. For the past few years I’ve struggled with low energy and lack of energy. I finally said enough is enough and looked for simple ways that I could improve and maintain my energy. There was a post dedicated to my efforts, I have to say that I’m glad I finally committed to employing these tactics, they’ve made a great difference in my health overall. Going into 2019 I want to make sure that I keep my focus on my health, I don’t want to get complacent again and let things slip. Good health is part of flourishing, I can’t fully enjoy the things life has to offer if I’m sick.

Farewell 2018, parting is a little sad but I expect great things for 2019.