Melanin and Makeup | New Year's Eve Palette Pairings

Last night I had a dream about this post, I had no intentions of doing another New Years themed post, but I woke up and it was on my mind. So as soon as the lighting was right I set up my photo area to take these photos of palettes that I think would pair well for a New Year’s Eve look.

Due to the fact that the pairings revolve around New Year's all of the looks I had in mind were on the smoky side. 

Urban Decay | Moondust & Urban Decay | Naked Smoky

This was the pairing that I dreamt about and started it all. Sparkle is definitely needed for a New Year's look. This is pretty much your traditional dark smoky eye but with the silver sparkle from Granite, placed on the majority of your mobile lid, it amps up the glamour of the overall look.

If you’re attending a party that’s a bit more on the formal side then this might be a great look to wear. I can’t say that it would be easy because smoky eye’s can sometimes be a bit tricky. If the silver doesn’t work for you then you could pair it with another shade like Lithium the Gold or Galaxy the deep green, either one would still look great.

Coloured Raine | Queen of Hearts & Nars | Narsissist Wanted

I had a more vibrant warm smoky look in mind with these palettes. Something a bit more fun and relaxed, not necessarily casual but not stuffy and formal either. For the look you could start with the browns and the purple in the crease and build up the depth and intensity of the shades. Coconut Grove from the Wanted palette would be great for deepening up the crease and darkening the Ladyship from the Queen of Hearts. I think a halo or spotlight eye would work great with these colours. Mendoza from the Wanted palette with it’s glitter and beautiful gold, red and green shift layered on top of Noblewoman or Your Majesty would be amazing.

There are a ton of variations that you could do with the two palettes, you could go more cool toned and just work with the browns and then use Royal Highness or you could keep it all the way warm and go in with Empress from the Q of H, and Temptress from the Wanted palette, either look would be fabulous, the finishing touches on the looks would be some sparkle Fallen Star or Shooting Star would work well.

ColourPop | All I See is Magic & Tarte | Make Believe in Yourself

This last pairing gives you the most flexibility in regards to the combination of looks that you can create. For the most part they would be on the warm side but with the combination of the Make Believe in Yourself palette, you could incorporate some cooler tones. Again I’m seeing a lot of deep dramatic smoky eyes. I think a look with Tinsel Town and Top Notch built up in the crease and smoked out with a darker colour, with Wishful Thinking all over the lid would be stunning. The brown green shift in the shadow would pop beautifully against the red of Tinsel Town.

ColourPop & Tarte on the left and Queen of Hearts and Wanted on the right

ColourPop & Tarte on the left and Queen of Hearts and Wanted on the right

If you wanted to soften the intensity of Wishful Thinking then adding the White shade from the Tarte palette would tone it down and make it softer.

If you didn’t want to go for say a smoky eye you could still do something soft and neutral with the two palettes, Trance from the Make Believe palette would be beautiful all over the lid or in a gradient with Something Special from the Magic palette.

If you have any of the these palettes or even other ones, try making a pairing of them. Combine some shimmer and sparkle to create a truly memorable New Year's Eve look.

If you have any plans, may you have a good night and stay safe as you ring in 2018.