Year in Review | 2017 Lessons Learnt

Looking back on the year

I didn’t set any goals this year, it felt like everything was so up in the air with me job searching. Many of the things that I wanted to accomplish or do depended on money and since it wasn’t certain I really didn’t feel like writing them down only to be disappointed.

So this year instead of focusing on my goals and the things that I accomplished I’m going to talk about the things that I learned.

The lesson that stands out to me the most is to be prepared even if you’re uncertain. I got caught quite a few times this year short handed because I didn’t plan properly. I knew that certain events or activities were planned and I reasoned that I didn’t have to think about it earlier because I was uncertain of where I would be and what position I would be in.

It’s like my brain was telling me take note of these things that are head and, get ready so that when the appointed time comes, there won’t be any problems or issues. Of course I ignored that voice of reason and talked myself out of making wise choices. And then found myself in problems because I hadn’t taken the time to plan and save ahead.

This year, I know that there are certain things that I want to do and want to accomplish so I’m going to make sure that I prepare as best as I can. I will have contingency plans in order and will not be caught off guard or unawares. Life happens quickly and the little that I can organize will make things easier on me in the end.

I’ll tie in my next point with the above one, in regards to preparing. I need to save my money, and make sure that it stays saved. I have a habit of saving my money and then moving it around in my accounts when I want to buy something or pay off my credit card. I reason that one can’t have savings when they have debt, however the fallacy in that logic is that I’m putting myself in debt with the intention of using my savings to pay it off.

To get back to the point, in 2018 I’m going to have a dedicated account where I don’t have easy access to my money. Having an emergency fund and a rainy day fund is important, with the current economic climate anything is possible, today you’re employed, tomorrow you’re not. Having a little something put aside is better than nothing.

New year, new lessons, new growth

So in 2018 my savings game will be on point, and I will exercise discipline in my spending. You can see from a few of my last posts that I’m working on not spending as much on makeup. I love makeup and am an avid collector but I’ve got to restrain myself because I don’t need everything nor can I afford everything. So I’m working on developing better discipline, in many areas of my life. In my saving, spending and health - exercise always gets me.

I’ve been coasting along on these, doing the bare minimum and thinking I’m okay, but I can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect for things to be different. If I want to change the course of my life, I’ve got to change up how I do things and ultimately that means being more disciplined in the areas where it counts, like my money and my health.

Even though I made some mistakes this year and didn’t think things through as well as I should have, this was still a good year for me. I continue to learn about myself and gain confidence in my abilities. 

I’m looking forward to 2018 and expect great things.

Adios 2017, it’s been a good ride.