Melanin and Swatch | Nars Narsissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette

Nars Narsissist Wanted Palette

So if you’ve read my Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Haul post, then you know that I grabbed the new Nar’s palette as soon as it was available. I’ve been able to use it a few times and I like it, you do have to use something for the more glitter filled shades, otherwise you will end up with it all over your face. I ended up using fix + to dampen my brush before applying. The shadows lasted all day, I wore it for about 12 hours or so, so I would say that it’s pretty long lasting.

Quick Thoughts

For optimal results use these shadows with a shadow base and definitely use something like a glitter glue or mixing medium for the glitter shades. Otherwise your results will be lack lustre. For this edition of Melanin and Swatch I did 3 variations, one swatch with my finger, one with a brush and no primer and then one with a brush and with primer. I also threw in a comparison of different shadow bases.

From my swatches you will see that the Mac Mixing Medium and the Fryianne Pixie Epoxy did the best job, the colour application is creamy and smooth and you’re able to fully see the colour shift, whereas with the eyeshadow primer and even the Fix + it seems more one dimensional and a little flat. There was also more glitter fall out.

One last thing before we get into the swatches, though the glitter bases take a bit of work, I found that the mattes were creamy and smooth to apply, however all formulas in the palette had kick up in , so you will experience some fall out when you apply these to your eyes.

Nars Narsissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette


As you can see the shades are beautiful, though the palette leans more pink and red tone it's still neutral enough that it could work as an everyday eyeshadow palette. Coupled with it's size it would be great to travel with as well. Just make sure you use the right shadow base, as that will have a big impact on how your look turns out. 

Have you picked up the Wanted palette? What do you think of it?