Year in Review | 2018 Moments

black and white outfit

Looking back on this year, I initially thought that I didn’t have too many moments, you know those ones that stand out or are important in some way. After looking back through the photos in my phone though I realize that I do have some great memories from this year.

It’s so funny how a photo can spark a memory and with that memory comes the feelings associated with that time. As I look back through the year, I see many happy moments, time spent with family and with friends. Time spent supporting and catching up. It was all time well spent and I’m so grateful that I was able to experience it.

Makeup Moments

This is a bit random, but there are a few memories I have where I was just so pleased with my makeup, a few of these are actually tied to other moments, like birthdays and gatherings but I thought I would point them out all the same. This year I felt like my makeup game was on another level, I can’t pinpoint exactly why but my base looked great, my shadows were just together, the blend wasn’t always there but I was really serving looks this year. I would like to give a special shout out to natural light and the sun, you really complement my complexion.

This first look is one that I did for work, I took this shot as I waited for the doors to open, as I was early. I know that I used Juvia’s Place The Festival palette on my eyes and cheeks, I did combine it with something else but I can’t remember which palette it was. I look all glowy and fresh, ugh I love it. I will say that I think my skin is just boarding on oily instead of glowy but I’ll leave it at dewy and fresh.

Summer makeup

This next look was inspired by the first one, I just made it a bit more dramatic and chose a warm pink for the lid colour. I used mainly the Natasha Denona Aeris palette and the Festival palette from Juvia’s place, after that not sure what I used. I got so many compliments on this look it’s unbelievable, I was out with my friend and we were both shocked with how much people seemed to love it. I kid you not at least 10-15 people stopped me and spoke to me about this eyeshadow look.

This beautiful neutral look was in honour of my bestie’s birthday dinner. It’s a softer more subdued look for me, I love how everything looks together, the eyes the face, it just looks so polished. You’d think that going with the basics would be boring but I don’t think that this look is boring at all. I do not remember which palettes I used for this look, if I were to hazard a guess I would say that I most likely used the Lorac MegaPro 3 palette- it’s my fave palette for warm brown looks.

This look was all about the skin, I was going to a work pool party and wanted to look good but stay low key. I used my Cake Face method for my base, so my skin looks flawless and smooth. Then I did my fave little baby wing for a soft cat eye, added some mascara for lash definition. I also added the tiniest bit of highlight in the inner corner of my eyes. Again I’d like to give a shout out to the sun for making it look like I have no pores.

Life Moments

green house orchid

Sometimes because I’m such a home body I forget that I’ve done things and gone places. There are so many more moments that I have mentioned here, I’m thankful that even though I may not remember it I have the photos.

My work place planned an excursion to the Allan Gardens Conservatory, it was the first time I’d gone to the conservatory, it was fascinating, spring was just starting outside but inside the green house you had so many different flowers and tropical plants already in bloom. It was a great pick up and lifted my spirits. I was a little surprised by how many of the plants I knew and could speak about, never knew I had all that knowledge. It was also a nice team bonding exercise.

Next up is my cousin’s high school graduation, it felt nice to share this day with her. She had gone through a tough year and it was amazing to see her walk across the stage. She was her usual bubbly and happy self, it was a day filled with good energy and great people. After the graduation we took the required photos upon photos and then went to get food.

Since I took the day off I thought I would be good to meet up with my bestie, a multi-tasking day. It’s always a joy spending time with my girl. We went on a mini mission to find my Mango Dragonfruit Refersher from Starbucks, of course they were all out so I had to settle for something else. This was also the day of the much loved makeup look I mentioned in point 2 above.

After that was my best friends birthday dinner. Every year on our birthdays we take each other out for dinner. We try to go somewhere we’ve never been, this time we went an Italian restaurant. We also chose to make it a dress up event, I had purchased a gorgeous black slightly poufy midi skirt and I wanted to wear it desperately so the birthday dinner became a semi dress up event.

pink flowers

The food and ambiance of the restaurant was amazing, I didn’t want to be too cliché and take photos of every dish though looking back now I wish that I had. We both had the Mango Salmon with risotto, it was delicious, and the portion was just the right amount. I had Tiramisu for my dessert while she had the birthday brownie and ice cream. Again both were delicious.

I’m combining the next two memories since they’re both about family. Myself and two more of my siblings had gone over to my sister’s place since she was all alone, we watched a movie, talked and played a card game that I sucked at, I can’t remember the name of it but the gist is that you don’t get told what the rules of the game are you have to watch and see what other people do and figure it out from there. Games like that are not my forte, I like the rules to be clear and up front, please and thanks.

The next memory is so dear to me because it’s my siblings again, we had just come from the movie theatre- we had watched the new Venom movie, it was alright. My older brother was in town visiting from Halifax for my mom’s surprise birthday party. She had no idea that he was in town and that we were throwing her a party so it was surprises all around. Again a good night full of good conversations and laughter. I still smile at the memories even though it was months ago.

I feel like if this year had a theme it would have been treasure the small moments, the small things. Thankfully my year has overall been full of good happy memories, there have been a few negative things but I can’t let that stop me from seeing the good in each day, it will all work out in the end for my good and my benefit. I trust and believe that.

What memories or moments stood out to you this year?