Year in Review | Unexpected Purchases of 2017

Eyescream and Queen of Hearts Palettes

These bad boys were the unplanned, unexpected beauty purchases that I made this year. Some were on my radar while others just popped up, either way for some reason or another the implausible and unthinkable happened. I’m making this sound so dramatic but it’s just makeup that I wasn’t expecting would be part of my makeup collection by the end of the year.

Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts

This is a palette that’s been mentioned a few times this past year in various blog posts, here and here and here. I didn’t think that I would be purchasing this guy because by the time I realized that I wanted it, it was completely sold out and it was a limited edition palette. Cue the sighs and moans of regret, however they had so many people asking for it that they brought it back, not that it stayed in stock long, about 5 minutes or so. I was quick though and snagged one, so that’s how this guy joined my collection.

Dose of Colors Eyescream Palette

This was another one that was out of stock by the time I realized that I was interested in having it in my life. In March or so of this year I saw an Instagram post that the UK website Cult Beauty had it in stock and on sale, I raced over and grabbed it quick. Dose of Colors eventually brought it back to their site but I already owned it by then, so I was good.

Lorac MegaPro 3 Palette

Lorac MegaPro 3

And yet another palette that was out of stock and limited Edition. Before Ulta started shipping to Canada, there was no way that I could get this palette, I tried placing an Ulta order but it was cancelled because they didn’t recognize my international address. So back in July when Ulta started shipping to Canada and Lorac was bringing back their MegaPro palettes, I made sure to order it. I was not going to miss my chance again. I love this guy and am very glad that I was able to purchase it.

Marc Jacobs #212 The Dreamer Palette

I wasn’t expecting to purchase this palette because they’re generally so expensive. Regularly a Marc Jacobs 7 pan eyeshadow palette sells for $75 CDN, yeah it’s a lot. To my benefit though, the brand was phasing out their old palettes so there was a large selection that ended up in Winners and Marshalls stores. I was able to pick this palette up for $25 CDN, which is almost a 60% difference to the original price.

Neo-Highlighter in Saharan & The Dreamer Palettes

Kevyn Aucoin Neo Highlighter in Sahara

This was a big ticket item for me, so it was more about pricing, like the Marc Jacobs palette, this guy goes for $75 CDN. I took the plunge and decided to purchase the highlighter anyway and I really enjoy it. It gives a beautiful glow and doesn’t sit on my skin, I can build it up so that it’s more intense or go in with a light hand and make it look more natural.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Palette

This was a complete surprise to me, because I originally thought it was redundant and unnecessary but when it went on sale, I decided to pick it up. After looking through my collection I realized that I didn’t have any colours similar to what was in the Aurora palette. And that’s how this guy joined my my makeup family.

ABH Aurora Palette

Are there any makeup products you were surprised to find yourself purchasing this year?