Year in Review | 2017 Style Favourites

Style favourites of 2017

This year I wanted to cultivate a more feminine aesthetic with my style. In times past oversized and comfy was what I preferred. I wanted to change it up this year.

Midi rings have been something I wanted to start wearing for a while but I just couldn’t find ones that appealed to me and wouldn’t tarnish or change colour when I breathed on them. This year I hit the jack pot, Guess Accessories was closing and they had all of their jewelry on sale, let me tell you, I stocked up.

I picked up rings, midi rings, bracelets and necklaces. All of them fell within the dainty and feminine style I wanted to incorporate into my repertoire. I just feel like these pieces finish off my look leaving me looking and feeling more polished and put together. With pretty rings on my fingers and dainty bracelets on my wrist, I feel elegant and chic. I love it and will often stack my rings and bracelets. I’ve left out earrings but my medium size silver hoops are ever present. I do want to add a nice gold hoop to my collection in 2018, though. I’m cool with mixing metals but I love my gold and like how it complements my skin tone.

Midi Rings for the Win in 2017

Perfume was something that I ventured into this year. It started with Mother’s Day. I wanted to take advantage of the perfume sale Sephora was having and pick up something nice for my mom. My mom is very particular and we had to go in store and smell this one and sniff that one. In doing so I realized that i could handle some of the fragrances I was smelling. Usually most perfumes are too strong for me and leave me with a headache. I was excited though when I found that some didn’t make my head hurt at all. This is where I discovered my beloved Chloe by Chloe perfume. From there I moved onto Nest Black Tulip and thus my small collection began.

I really slacked off on nail polish this year, I didn’t wear it nearly enough. However I have to polishes that I just couldn’t get enough of. The first polish is one that I’ve mentioned a few times already here on my blog, Essie’s Serial Shopper. It’s a beautiful coral polish that looks so good with my skin tone, it was made for me.

The next polish is OPI Ce-less-tial is More. I worked on my Holiday Nail Pairings post and fell so in love with the look I did, that I didn’t take it off for two weeks. It was just so glittery and sparkly, it worked so well with the clear polish I paired it with. I plan to use it more in this year.

2017 Style Favourites

Back in the summer before the cooler weather hit I picked up two items that are now playing a key roll in m winter wardrobe. The first item is a beautiful oversized floral scarf from H&M. I love the pops of blue that in the design. It’s so versatile that I could wear it through fall and now in winter, even with the blue it can still play as a neutral in my outfits.

The next piece I picked up from Winners. They’re these black calf  height sheep skin boots that are thick, dense and warm. It doesn’t work well for deep snow but on those colds it’s perfect. They look like and fell like Ugg’s but didn’t cost the same as Ugg’s.

Stacking dainty bracelets | 2017 Style Faves

Since I’ve started my new job, leggings have started to play a major role in my wardrobe, which isn’t something I thought I would be saying. I like to layer them with another tights that is lined with fleece underneath to increase the warmth. Like many do, I like to wear tall boots with them, they are surprisingly easy to style for an office environment. I still look put together and professional even though I’m in leggings. I can’t wait till it gets warmer.

I’ve always had a thing for hats and this year I finally indulged. I wore my hair in a way that made it possible to rock my straw fedora all summer long. I was loving my fedora, it looked chic and cute and was big enough for my head. I can’t wear hats that are too tight, if I do then I get a headache. My small obsession led me to picking up some more hats for fall, I grabbed a hunter green and warm orange floppy hat. Another collection has been started.

Straw Fedora | Style faves of 2017

Rounding out my favourites is my ever present bag pack, I was loving my burgundy quilted bag pack and my smaller silver taupe bag. They allow my hands to be free and don’t put as much pressure on my shoulders, spreading out the weight evenly. I’ll just tuck my Ted Baker makeup bag in with this group, I love the colour of this little cutie. It’s so me, it’s a great size and fits in most of my bags and if I don’t over stuff it then the zipper works great. Side note I love the Ted Baker aesthetic, ugggg,it embodies the vibe I’m going for right now so well. 

Last but not least to wrap it all up I’ve also got some coats, I picked up a black leather inspired coat which I adore and was still rocking my green fall jacket. Because you know that I’m still obsessed with the that dark green colour.

 What style and fashion items had you over the moon in 2017? Have you started any collections?