"The mission of my blog is to encourage the creative expression of both myself and my readers, for us to utilize our passions and interests to play, create and challenge ourselves. "

Hi, and welcome to my blog Chaos and Reason. My name is Natoya Cole, and after many moons I have decided to re-enter the blogging game. I chose the name Chaos and Reason for two reasons: the first is because I have a lot of things that I’m interested in and try to make time for; it just felt like it had a lot of over lapping plans and ideas, hence the chaos. Reason came from my little brother, who and I quote, said “you're reasonable, I can reason with you”. Nothing too deep and dramatic, pretty simple really- which you will come to find exemplifies my life.

Things I am passionate about:

Reading -  I especially love romance and science fiction; if they’re in the same book then all the better

Researching-Learning about a new topics and new subjects, digging deep to get information about something that interests me

Being Creative - Whether that be through design and decor or making my own planner for the year

 Beauty & Skincare -  I’m crazy about makeup and taking care of my skin

Formulating and Creating Products - I love to create new products and try out new ideas; no I’m not a cosmetic chemist but research can take you places :)

Writing - I need to make notes and jot down my thoughts; I’ve long aspired to write a novel

Fashion - Though I tend to dress in neutrals I love the creative aspects of fashion, how you can dress for your mood or dress against your mood to perk yourself up

Reasoning -  I love a good discussion and tend to know bit’s and pieces about a random assortment of things, and sometimes I don’t know as much as I think I do :)

You’ll see these bits and pieces of me in posts to come.