Downtown Adventures | Yorkville

We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.
— anon

So this week for the first time this spring the temperature hit plus 30 degrees (that’s celsius). It was bright and warm with a cool clean breeze that kept it from feeling muggy and humid. The perfect walking conditions. Being the sun lover that I am, my friend and I decided that it would be the perfect time to stage a grand adventure and head to downtown Toronto. Which really isn’t that far from either of us, but it’s often that we’re out that way.

Our adventure started on Bay street in the Yorkville area. It’s where a lot of the luxury shopping happens, they’ve got Chanel, Tiffany’s and Holt Renfrew among the many stores that one can shop in. We wanted to hit up the Louis Vuitton store, because my friend wanted to check out the Pochette Métis. It’s a cute bag, despite the hefty price tag. Unfortunately they didn’t have any in store as it had sold out.

Downtown adventures | Yorkville

Yorkville / Bay Street

Asma and I taking a selfie in the Harry Rosen window display.

We did manage to take a selfie though, which is always needed. Don’t we look fly. I was definitely feeling my outfit, my romper was super comfy and it had pockets which is always a bonus. My straw Fedora stole the show though and really rounded out the I’m just chilling vibe I had going on. Asma looked great in her flowly soft pink summer dress and matching scarf.

Funny story, so in the morning as I was heading outto catch my bus with just a few minutes to spare I realized that I had left the house in my house slippers instead of my coral flats. I ran back to the house, quickly slipped on my flats but alas I wasn’t fast enough. I made it outside and down the street just in time to see the bus fly by. Thankfully my connecting bus that would take me to the station wasn’t coming for another 20 minutes. So I did what would regularly be a 30 minute walk in 20 minutes, I got an early start on all the walking I would be doing once I reached downtown.

Okay, back to our grand adventure. As we, Asma and I, left the station I saw the Deciem store that’s near Bay subway, I of course had to pop in and take a look. Initially I was going to pick up a few things but I decided to wait just because I’ve already got a lot going on with my current skin care routine and I didn’t want to through anything new in right now. I’m just getting it the way I want, so I’ll the products I’m currently using do their work and then later I’ll add to it. 

After our visit to the Louis Vuitton shop, we headed down Yonge Street. As we walked we saw quite a few street performers, who were all pretty talented. There was one group of them having a jam session complete with a trombone and tenor sax. Our finial destination was the Eaton Centre. The weather stayed great the whole walk down. It took us maybe an hour or so to do it. We did make the necessary stops in Winners and Marshalls because one always needs to stop in when you see either of those stores, I mean it’s a necessity.

Before heading into the mall we made a stop at Red Lobster and grabbed some food, I just went for a chicken sandwich while Asma went all out and got the4 course special. We opted to share a peach lemonade and Asma being the kind soul that she is, shared her brownie and ice cream desert with me. After we ate, we made our way into the Eaton's Centre and continued with our window shopping theme of the day. We made stops in the MK store, to check out their smart watches, checked out some new handbags at Coach and oohed over the cuteness that is the Ted Baker store.

And that was it, a day spent exploring a small part of downtown Toronto. Have you explored the Yorkville area before? What or where was your favourite part?