Thoughts and Reasoning | Fall Goals

We are fast approaching fall, so things are going to change. No more hot humid sun packed days or warm evening strolls.Like the changes to the season, I want to make some changes in my life.

Fal l goals

Since I've started working again a lot of things that I used to keep up with have fallen to the wayside, like my health.

Goal | Improve My Overall Health

This is a multi-tiered topic, in that I need to exercise more so I have to work on my physical health, but I also need to make sure that I take my supplements and vitamins. I suffer from anemia, so I often struggle with low energy and feeling tired. Even when I have 8 hours of sleep I still feel like I need more. The main problem is I don't like taking my iron pill, it often makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Unfortunately there's not many alternatives that work as effectively as an iron pill to bring up my iron stores. So I have to figure out something that works for my body and stick with it. From trial and error I think that taking it in the morning might be the best thing for me, I just have to remember to take it. 

With regular use I should start to have more energy and feel better rested when I wake in the morning.

I've started to take a daily multi-vitamin to help maintain my health. I also take some Moringa seeds in the morning, which are supposed to help improve energy levels as well.

As you may notice I'm focusing a lot on my energy levels, like most people feeling lethargic and exhausted makes doing anything difficult, whether it's day to day chores or working at my job.

Exercise wise, I take a 30 minute walk a couple times a week, so I get a little movement in there. I also climb on average 12 flights of stairs a day. If anything I want to incorporate more stretches to keep my body limber and flexible.

Goal | Get Back to Formulating

Since I started working late last year, I haven't made a lotion, shampoo or conditioner. Which I'm not too happy about. I think about formulating often but I just don't have the energy or the time to make things as I would like. I like to use my weekend to relax and though formulating is something that I enjoy it's not what I would call relaxing.

I want to get some recipes down pat, so I'm going to focus on the ingredients and how they work together for a while. Really working to simplify what I'm creating. I always want to add more stuff, but sometimes keeping it simple is best. 

Goal | Get Back To My Hobbies

For years now I've been working on my book. I just have a desire to write a book, I do feel like my plot is completely lacking, I'm working on it though. Well I was working on it. I haven't jotted down any ideas in a while.

I also want to get back to being a planner babe. For the last few years I've been very much into the planner/agenda scene even making a few handmade agendas for myself. This year I purchased planners for personal use and for my blog and I've let both of them gather dust on my bookshelf. Yes I know the year is more than half over but I do want to make more of an effort to utilize my planner and my stickers.

Lastly I want to get back to blogging. As you may of noticed, updates have been few and far in-between. My blog is not something that I'm ready to let go of, though like everything else on this list, it's been hard to set aside time. There's only so much hours available on the weekend, and quite often I prioritize relaxing over everything else.

I want to get back into the swing of things though. I won't be able to post as often as I used to but even 2 posts a week is good.

So this September I'm looking to make some changes for the better, new things, new ideas. and new focus.

Have you got any goals in mind for the next few months?