Thoughts and Reasonings | Why I didn’t participate in the VIB Sale

Buy Less, Choose Well
— Vivienne Westwood

So like many of you, I expected to have a blog post about my VIB Sephora sale, from the time I heard about it I was thinking of the items that I might pick up and slowly putting them aside mentally. However as I was working on my wish list post, I realized that even though you got 15% off it didn’t work out to be that much savings after it was all said and done. Heck even the expected ebates return wasn’t that much because they dropped the amount drastically. The day before the sale it was 8%, when the sale started it went down to 2.5%.

So if I was expecting to reap more savings from that corner it wasn’t going to work. I mentioned at the end of my wish list post what the breakdown would end up being. In Ontario we have 13% tax, so after the taxes I would end up just saving a whole 2% on the sale, which is not enough incentive for me to start getting all spend happy.

I love makeup, I also love purchasing makeup and especially love purchasing makeup at a discount or on sale. I don’t however love debt. At the time of the sale it just wasn’t good for me to be making any makeup purchases. There’s no hurry regarding the things I want from Sephora, though I did pick up the Shiseido primer but I grabbed it just before the sale started.

Sometimes there’s this pressure to make a purchase because there’s a sale. Everywhere you look, you see notices about the sale and haul posts and videos about what people purchased. There’s this sense that you’re missing out if you don’t make a purchase, like your not a true makeup lover if you don’t dive in and spend your money. But while it may seem that you’re initially saving some money, in the long run it may end up costing you more.

Honestly I’m not the best at budgeting my money when it comes to makeup purchases, but I’m always aware of where my limit is. Every time I press confirm I’m mentally weighing the cost. Again I’ll freely admit that I do need to exercise more control when it comes to my spending. Unfortunately I seem to be giving in to more impulse buying, which is a bit unusual for me. At the end of the day you’ve got to spend what your comfortable with spending. For the most part you will not be able to spend like you see your favourite Youtubers and Instagrammer’s do, it’s just not financially feasible.

You already know my mantra. I don’t buy makeup for it to sit and collect dust, my aim is to use all of my collection. Sometimes that means that I have to cut my eye pass some things but that’s just how it goes.