The Gradual Purchase | Narsissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette

There is beauty in simplicity
— anon

Does this conversation sound familiar. 

‘Oh a new palette, wow those are the colours, I’m pretty sure I’ve got something similar already I don’t need it so I think I’ll pass.’

‘ This palette again, mmm those colours don’t look too bad.’

‘ You know those swatches don’t look too bad.’

‘ Woot, so excited I’ve got a new palette on the way.’

Narsissist Loaded eyeshadow palette

You started off completely uninterested, no desire to purchase it and slowly bit by bit it crept into your consciousness and before you know your bank account is just a little bit emptier. Honestly this has happened to me so many times ( Please see my post regarding the Sweet Peach Palette, I blame you Xsparkage). At first I’m quite convinced that I’m good without it and that it’s not that spectacular but like Steve Erckle ‘ it just wears me down’.

Recently I found myself picking up the new Nars Narissit Loaded palette, originally I was going to pass on it then I saw a tutorial which is usually how it begins and before you could say impulse purchase it was on it’s way to me. Well, it was a little bit slower than that, I took a whole day to think about it. look at reviews and then committed to purchasing it.

It’s expensive, it comes out to $74 Canadian, and yup that is a pretty big chunk of money on one item, and not normally something that I’m at ease spending but the value is there. There are 12 shades in the palette and they are 1.4 grams each. A Colour Pop pressed shadow is 1.2 grams and is $5 US each, which at the current conversation rate is $6.70 CDN. So for 12 Colour Pop shadows I would be paying $80.40 and getting .2 grams less in each shadow, this is not including at shipping charges or duties that may occur upon arrival. The only plus that the Colour Pop shadows offer is you are able to choose which colours you want specifically, but hey the nature of a palette is that the colours are generally chosen for you.

Having purchased this palette I will say the shadows swatch beautifully when using your fingers, the are smooth, pigmented and in some cases long lasting. The packaging is of course gorgeous. It’s similar to the Unfiltered 1 blush palette but instead of being burnt orange is a yellow gold colour. It looks very luxe and expensive, which it is.

So while it may seem like another boring neutral eyeshadow palette, I like it. If you want to travel with it, it’s a great size and comes with a large mirror. There’s a nice selection of mattes and shimmers, cool and warm so you have enough to create a variety of looks, though they will all be in that neutral range. If you don’t mind using another palette or single eyeshadows to complement then it can be a great assist palette.

Final verdict, I like it.