Facing the Hype on a No-Buy

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I’m currently on a No-buy, right now. If you’re not familiar with the term it simply means that I’m not purchasing any makeup or skin care at the moment. A No-buy can be applied to other things but for my purposes it’s makeup and skin care. Anyone who’s ever done a No-Buy will tell you that it always seems that the best sales, and the most new product launches seem to happen just when you’ve purposed to not spend any money on new stuff.

I’ve been on a No-Buy since the beginning of June or so, I’ve broken it twice, once to purchase something for my friends birthday and the other to grab the Lorac Mega Pro 3, which I wasn’t able to grab before because I’m in Canada. Since June though I’ve seen some sweet sales, I mean Tarte had a 70% off Sale on certain items to which I could have added an additional 20% off coupon, Lunatick Cosmetics had both of their contour palettes on sale for a bundle deal, Colour Pop had their eyeshadow singles and bundles on sale. they’ve also launched two new eyeshadow palettes and a blush palette. You name it, there’s been some sort of sale or commotion about it.

I’ve been good though, I’ve stuck to my No-Buy, talking myself out of purchasing something multiple times, I’m looking at you Urban Decay Moon Dust palette. However I’ve realized something, the longer I’ve been on this no spending plan, the easier it’s been for me to cut my eye past certain products. If you haven’t realized it already, I love makeup and I enjoy spending my money on makeup, whether it’s a new launch or something that I’ve just come across, so not having the urge or desire to buy anything is a bit interesting.

What I’ve realized is that you start to look at everything far more critically than you did before. This isn’t about doing your due diligence, or talking yourself into a purchase. You’re actually talking yourself out of making a purchase so you tend to find reasons why you shouldn’t buy this shiny new palette instead of reasons why you should. After you’ve done this enough times, it becomes more easier to skim over the sales and new products. It’s as if the buzz from the hype is on mute, so though many people are talking about and you see it everywhere you don’t connect to it in the same way. It’s as if you’re viewing it from a great distance.

For myself I’ve found this distance and separation to be good for me, when your surrounded and pressed on all sides by hype you forget yourself and can easily loose your focus. In the last year I’ve bought quite a bit of makeup, I’m now focusing on using this makeup. If all you think about is acquiring new products then you never have the time to use what you already have. 

By no means have I lost interest in purchasing new makeup or skin care, right now I’m just looking at things from the perspective of a regular consumer instead of a makeup collector.

How are you currently managing your makeup spending?