Melanin and Makeup | On the Hunt for New Makeup

So after my post on setting parameters for my makeup spending, I decided to look into some companies that I was interested in and see if they had any of the colours that I was interested in. That way if they do have a sale I know exactly what I want and I won’t be overwhelmed or give in to the desire to buy more things or all the things.

So I’ll just tell you upfront that this exercise didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.  I looked at 3 brands and I have a wish list of at least 10+ products for 2 of them. Yeah I didn’t end up simplifying as much as I thought I would.

The good news though is that I’ve got a curated list of what I’m looking for and can keep an eye out for when it’s an opportune time to purchase them, read, when they are on sale.

One of the brands that I’ve had my eye on for the past year or so is Nabla Cosmetics. They have an amazing selection of shadows so it was pretty hard narrowing down the shades that I would purchase from them. They have a wide range of duo chrome shadows so I really liked that.

Sugar pill Cosmetics is a brand that is know for their vibrant pigment rich eyeshadow shades. Many people say that the quality of the shades is amazing and can’t be beat. They have a red shadow that I’ve heard mentioned time and time again, so I really want to get my hands on that guy.

Sydney Grace is a brand that I came across because of Tina from The Fancy Faced, I’ve mentioned them in one of my brands I want to try post. Their eyeshadows look so creamy and pigmented when swatched and I’ve heard great things about the quality of their products. I will say that there are so many shades that appeal to me that it’s hard to stick to my parameters.

This company has a lot of unique duo chrome shades that aren’t seen too often, which I love. As you can see there were still a ton of shades that fit within the parameters of what I could purchase. All of these shades save for two are duo-chrome, yup you read that right, they're pretty much all duo-chrome. I hit the jack pot ya'll.

Have you purchased from any of the brands mentioned above before? What did you think of the products you purchased?