Thoughts and Reasonings | Setting Parameters for My Spending

Kevyn Aucoin, Formula X, Jouer and Makeup Geek

As I mentioned in last weeks Sunday post, I’ve been struggling with buying makeup, it seems that there is always so many things I want to get my hands on. After thinking about it for the last couple of days I started to really think of the colours that I’ve been drawn to in palettes, the plums, deep reds and duo chrome shades and I’ve decided that I’m going to focus more on purchasing those shades, whether individually or in a palette.

If you’ve been frequently Sephora lately, you might have seen that the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette was on sale for 50% off, earlier when it first launched I said to myself that if it goes on sale I would pick it up then.

So there I was ready to check out with my palette and free samples in my cart, when I did a quick google search and I came across a comparison swatch between the Heavy Metals palette and the After Dark palette, which is also from Urban Decay. 8 of the 20 shades in the palette were near identical.

The whole After Dark palette could pretty much be found in the Heavy Metals palette. So there really was no need for me to buy the palette when I already had 40% off the shades in one palette. I’m sure that I could have found some similar shades in other palettes that I owned.

Urban Decay After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

Reds, plums and duo chromes are not shades that I have a lot of in my collection, just a few really. So this way when I purchase these shades I’m actually adding something to my collection and not duping or doubling up on colours that I already have.

I think that having a tailored focus on the makeup that I want to purchase will enable me to say no, to more stuff that catches my eye. I will have to look at the products critically and see it if fits within the parameters that I’ve set.

I don’t think that I’ll filter out all of the new launches and sales this way but I think it will leave me in a better state mentally. Sometimes wondering about the palette that  I could have got on sale takes up too much space in my head.

Now that I’ve got that part, I just have to narrow down the potential shadows and companies, this I think will take a while. But I’ve made progress in satiating the beast, and I’m glad for it.

Have you tried setting any parameters on makeup that you purchase? Did you find it effective?