Trend Spotting | 6 Makeup Trends That Are Hot Right Now

New makeup trends seem to pop up every other week, weather it’s the Instagram feather brow or using a fidget spinner to apply your contour. I picked out a few of my favourite trends, ones that I would wear or employ in my makeup application.

Warm Pink with Gold Overtones 

spotted in Carli Bybel’s BH palette, Juvia’s Place The Magic palette, JH x Morphe Collab palette.It’s a popular shade. It’s a beautiful pink with a gold shift, it puts me in the mind of the Nar’s Orgasm blush but smoother and with more impact. For the most part the shades are the exact pink but they are pretty close, and all of them have the distinct gold shit. It’s a subtle take on a duo chrome.


I mean glitter is never really out of style but in the last few months the push for glitter based products has really increased. You’ve got the Urban Decay Moon Dust palette, the Too Faced Glitter palette and of course the Stila Magnificent Glitters liquid shadows. It seems that glitter has gotten a bit more sophisticated, it’s no longer limited to loose pigments that tend to go all over the place, now you’ve got precision and are able to pin point the intensity of the glitter applied.

Glow Enhancing Primers 

We’ve been in the year of the glow for the past year and a half. The rise of highlighters has been impressive but now you’ve got primers getting in on the fun. Becca, Hourglass and Smashbox have all come out with brightening face primers that add an additional glow to your skin. I don’t see this fading it anytime soon, in fact I’m certain that more companies will be dropping their own variation of a brightening primer.


This doesn’t really need to be added to the list, simply because the hype for highlighters hasn’t faded. Contours have gotten softer and have faded into the background but highlighters are coming out in more and more variations from rainbow to prism to colourful. The sheer number of highlighters that are being launched each month is enough to leave a person feeling overwhelmed. 

Prismatic Products 

It seemed to start with the Anastasia Moon Child Glow kit and has grown and expanded from there, Becca, Wet n’Wild, Tarte , Too Faced and Coloured Raine have all within the last year launched products aimed at capitalizingon this trend. They haven’t stuck to just creating highlighters but have created lip gloss and lip toppers that can reflectingthe light

Baked Gelee

This is a term that I’ve heard over and over this year, whether the product was Nars, Tom Ford, Estee Lauder , Mac andCiate. I’ll be honest with you I’m not quite sure what a baked gelee product is, I haven’t been able to find an actually definition but someone said that it’s a hybrid gel, cream powder mix. So like a regular baked product the liquid is baked which results in a product that is smoother and creamier when applied, so the product isn’t powdery when applied. Baked gelee products tend to mostly be a blush or highlighter. 

What makeup trends have you noticed lately?