Melanin and Swatch | Jouer Spring Time In Paris 

Jouer Paris in Spring Palette

I’ve had this palette for a while and haven’t played with it nearly enough. It reads to me as a neutral palette with pops of purple and deeper burgundy tones. Which isn’t generally what you see in a neutral palette with accent colours. So the shades in themselves are a bit different to the standard selections you typically find in palettes of this nature.

I have worn shades from this palette but I honestly don’t remember how they performed.


The Jouer eyeshadow formula is powdery and a bit on the drier side so you do end up with kick back in the pan. However if you’re using a fluffy brush for the crease shades then it probably wouldn’t be too bad.

Some of the shades performed well whether swatched with a finger or with a brush, while others mainly the shimmer shades needed a a bit of help to bring out their best. The mattes are creamy and blend well.

Spritzing the brush with Fix + or using a tacky eyeshadow base would be a good choice, you might also want to do you shadow before you do the rest of your face.

As usual I’ve done swatches with my finger and with a brush, I also did some swatches with a brush on dampened skin. I wiped my arm with a makeup remover and then applied the shadow with nothing else added to aid in the application of the shadow.


After looking over the swatches, you've got a neutral palette with some pops of colour. It leans a little more on the cool side to me with the purples and the blues, so if you want something that steps a bit outside of the current warm palette trend then this might work for you.

What do you think of the palette?