The Stack | To All The Books I Want to Read This Year-2019

One of the things that I get excited about at the beginning of the new year are the books that are expected to release during the year. Since it’s almost April I’ve caught a few books that have already been released like Toxic Game by Christine Feehan and Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas. There are so many more books that I’m looking forward to though. Some with a little more expectation than others, but I want to read everything on my list.

In A Badger Way |Shelly Laurenston March 26 2019

I’m so excited for this book, I do a little dance in my seat when I think about it. I thoroughly enjoy the honey badgers that Shelly writes. Her books always leave me engaged and I’m sure to laugh at some point in the story. Stevie isn’t my favourite sister and I was a bit puzzled that it didn’t seem to go in order of age with Charlie then Max and lastly Stevie. I’m hopeful though that I’ll enjoy Stevie and Shen’s story.

Storm Cursed |Patricia Briggs May 7 2019

I’m excited about this book simply because Patricia Briggs wrote it. I also enjoy the Mercy Thompson series and can’t wait to see what this next instalment will bring. From the blurb I know that we’ll be seeing more of the Grey Lords, after that I don’t know what will happen, I can’t wait to find out though.

Shadow Warrior |Christine Feehan June 4 2019

Yeah, another shadow rider book. I’ve been liking this series from Christine. It will be interesting to see what happens between Vittorio and Grace. This is one that I want to read but I’m not as emotionally invested, while I enjoy reading Christine Feehan books sometimes they can seem a bit predictable. We’ll see though.

Wolf Rain |Nalini Singh June 4 2019

This is the third book in her Psy-Changeling Trinity series. At the moment the blurb doesn’t tell us much just that there is a possible solution to save the Psy race. We do know that the lead characters will be a Psy and a changeling. I’m interested in how the relationship between the two characters will develop. I think that Nalini does a great job creating well rounded characters in this universe that she has formed.

Sapphire Flames |Ilona Andrews August 27 2019

This is part of the Hidden legacy series but it focuses more on Catalina instead of Nevada. This is another book where I’m not really sure what to expect because it’s a new story arc that’s being developed and not a continuation. I do love Ilona Andrews writing though so I think that I will enjoy the book. I do have a feeling that I’ll be a bit frustrated when I finish because I’ll want the follow up book available right away and it wont be, I do so hate to wait for book releases.

The Blacksmith Queen |G.A. Aiken August 27 2019

I was expecting this to be linked to her Dragon Kin books but after reading the synopsis it doesn’t seem to be. I’m not sure how I feel about this new series, the blurb isn’t catching my interest that much, however I love how G.A. Aiken writes and I expect that I will find myself laughing out loud at some point while I read this book. She typically writes strong female leads so although I’m iffy about it I do still think that overall I will enjoy reading it.

Archangels War |Nalini Singh September 24 2019

This is the continuation of Archangels prophecy, if you read this book then you experience the intense frustration of an unexpected and huge cliff hanger, I was so upset by it that I wrote a block post about it. I wasn’t thrilled about the way Archangels prophecy finished but I will admit that it had me ready to read the follow up book immediately. This book I have high expectations of and I hope that it doesn’t disappoint and me let me down.

Leopards Wrath |Christine Feehan November 5 2019

Another Christine Feehan, I’m not sure what it is about this author but I’m just drawn to her books. This book is part of the Leopard series and features Mitya. I enjoy reading this series because I learn a lot about the different leopard breeds, how they hunt, how they move and other interesting bits. I think I’m more excited that there’s a new book to read in the series as opposed to actually being excited to read the book if that makes sense.

What books are you looking forward to reading this year?