Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading in 2018

I did this last year, when I saw that some of my fave authors were going to be releasing new books in the coming year. Some of them I’m chopping at the bit to read, I can’t wait.

Shelly Laurenston | Hot and Badgered 

Off the bat I’m excited simply because I have a new Shelly Laurenston book to look forward to reading. I’ve mentioned her in quite a few posts heres on and heres another. She’s one of my favourite authors so anything new from her is always a good think to me.

I’m also excited for this book because there’s more honey badgers. Out of all the characters and shifters she’s written about. The honey badgers are my favourite. Live and her family from the Bite Me book have me looking forward to more craziness from this new character.

I know that I keep saying it but I’m so excited for this book that I could squeal, as a matter of fact I have. Charlie the female protagonist looks like she’s a bad-ass which totally inline with how Shelly Laurenston tends to write her female characters. Power and strength while still retaining their femininty. Love it.

This book is slated to come out in March.

Patricia Briggs | Burn Bright

The Alpha and Omega series with Charles and Anna were the first books that I read by Patricia Briggs. It was just an anthology but it got hooked on her writing.

As much as I enjoy the Mercy Thompson series, Charles and Anna have my heart. It’s a little beauty and the beast esque how they met, in that Charles was beast that didn’t seem tameable and Anna came in and did the unthinkable. They make a great team and compliment each others strengths and compensate for each other’s weakness.

Even though these books are categorized as fantasy I find that they have a strong mystery component. I can’t wait to see how Anna and Charles solve this next problem.

Ilona Andrews | Magic Triumphs

Kate Daniels is pregnant, wrap your head around that for a second, then think of the world she lives in and the battles she fights and things become a bit crazy.

In this book it looks like its a final reckoning. The enemy is approaching and complete destruction and annihilation is possible. I’m looking forward to reading this latest book from Ilona. It took me a while to get into her but now I’m captivated. She has a couple different series that I’m hoping will have a new book released soon.

Magic Triumphs is being released in May, I can’t wait to dive in and read it. 

Nalini Singh | Ocean Bright

This is the second book in her new Trinity Series, that takes place in the Psy-Changeling landscape. This is featuring Bowen, I can’t tell yo how happy I am to read that Bowen is the focus of this book. Some crazy stuff went down in Silver Silence and I’ll admit it, I was worried.

Nalini is another one of my favourite authors and has also been mentioned a few times here and here. So without a doubt I’m looking forward to reading this book. I’m thrilled that I get another chance to jump into her Psy-Changeling world.

Christine Feehan | Judgment Road, Shadow Keeper and Covert Game

She has 3 books from 3 different series coming out this year.

Judgment Road is the first one dropping and probably the one that I’m most excited about. It’s featuring a character that I think is interesting. Reaper thinks that he is unredeemable with nothing left to live for except to fight and kill, so I can’t wait to see how Anya will change his life and have him see things differently.

One thing that Christine Feehan does well is write characters who have been through the wringer, they’ve gone through the reaches and taken some hits and blows that would have brought others low and somehow they push through and make it.

The other books Shadow Keeper and Covert Games are also full of characters that I’ve become invested in.  In Shadow Keeper it’s Giovanni turn as a Shadow Rider to find his partner. The life he seems to live in front of the cameras is far different behind closed doors. Covert Games as Gio making a suicide mission to save a woman who is captive to a mad man. 

Judgment Road releases in January, Covert Games in March and Shadow Keeper in May.

I’ve got a lot of good reading ahead of me, and I can’t wait.

Do you have  any new books on your radar that you want to read?