Melanin and Makeup | Rethinking My ‘I’m Not Gonna Buy It’

Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in.
— Anon

As a makeup and skin care lover, I use social media a lot to stay up to date with new launches, sales and even restocks. There are three types of products I often see, the ones that I know I want, the wants that get a quick pass and the ones that linger over knowing that I don’t need it but still kinda want it. Sometimes I can convince myself that I need to leave this product alone and save my money for something else because it won’t look good on my skin tone or it’s way out of my price range, however they’re are the times when you’re eyes just seem to wonder back to that product. You know you shouldn’t but it’s hard to walk away.

Photos courtesy of Instagram

Violet Voss Rose Gold Highlighter Palette | This guy should be an easy quick pass for two reasons, one they colours when they’ve been swatched on dark skin don’t look the best, in fact they look a bit ashy. The second reason is I don’t need another highlighter palette, I don’t need more highlighters period. I tend to prefer a subtle highlight rather than the you can see me from space glow. I don’t know though, something just keeps pulling be back, to make matters worse, I just saw that they are saying it can double as a blush palette. I’m doomed. So far the cost of the palette and shipping to Canada have held me back from taking the final step, they are coming to IMATS Toronto though, so it may be mine in the end. Hopefully they don’t sell out by the time I get there. That would just suck.

Juvia’s Place Blush Palette Vol.1 and Vol. 2. | Hi my name is Natoya and I have a problem with blush. I love blush and blush palettes, does that mean that I need another one, of course not. Will I be picking these palettes up, probably. So far from swatches that I’ve seen I prefer the Vol. 2 colours (though side note they kinda remind me a bit of some of the colours in the Violet Voss palette). Some of the shades in Vol. 1 look pretty dark, so I’m still a bit iffy about that one. I do think that the price point is nice though, they are $18 a palette and you can use discount codes with them, which brings the price down to almost $16, which isn’t bad for 6 colours.

Tarte Cosmetics Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette | This was one of those quick pass items when I first saw it. My initial thoughts were, oh a palette of shimmery shadows , moving on. Then I saw Tina from the FancyFaced talk about it, she mentioned that she really enjoyed the palette and recommended getting. That had me taking a second and third look at the palette. I’m still not decided on it but I’ve moved from a definite no to a maybe. I’ve seen a mix of positive and negative reviews so I’m waffling right now. It’s limited edition so hopefully I can make up my mind before it’s gone.

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette | So right up front, there’s pretty much just two colours that are calling my name in this palette, which is what has kept me from committing and purchasing this guy. If you’ve seen any swatches then you know that those pink shades especially that duo chrome one is beautiful. I’m certain though that I can find a dupe somewhere. I’ve seen a few reviews and people for the most part aren’t overly impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows, that and the amount of highlighters have not worked in this palettes favour. I don’t think I’ll get this guy, however If in the future I see it on sale for a sweet price like say $12 then I may grab it.

ABH Aurora Glow Kit | Yup, another highlighter palette for the girl who isn’t crazy about highlighters. Though it looks like maybe I like them a lot more than I thought. I kinda like the idea of colourful highlighters, so with the slight turn of my head you see a soft purple or soft blue glow. In the case of this palette I do think that my skin tone is perfect for showing off the shift in each colour. As far as I know it’s not limited edition so I have some time to decide whether or not I should go for it. 

Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour and Powder | So this isn’t actually a foundation as it doesn’t have much coverage, it’s more of a skin balm that you can use before your foundation or after whichever you prefer. I do like the fact the coverage is super sheer and light weight because most times I just want something that will lightly smooth over my skin and give me a easy polished look. I’ve heard that the coverage can be increased a bit when used in conjunction withthe next to nothing powder. I’ve also heard great things about the powder. I’ve swatched both of these in store it was okay, it was just on the back of my hand so not that helpful to determining how it will work on face. I don’t think that this line is limited edition so I’ll have more time to consider buying it, though I’m leaning towards it strongly.

That’s it so far, I’m sure that I’ll be adding more to my mental list. I’m also pretty sure that in the next month or two I’ll have picked up a few of these items already. They have a saying that we eat with our eyes first, well I think we shop with our eyes, so as long as brands are able to market their products well, they’ll be something to add the list.

What products have got you rethinking your decision to not buy it?