Fall | Introspection and Favourites

This year has been going by so fast, even though we're just a month into fall I feel like I've missed so much. Apart from the drop in temperature, fall is one of my favourite times of year. It's not really about the things that you can do in fall but rather a feeling. it's nesting and bundling up with family, it's comfort and conversations. It's relaxing and slowing down, reconnecting with people. I love summer but I feel like it tends to be go-go. We try to do as much as possible when it's warm and we day light. Whereas in fall and winter there's not necessarily that same frantic energy, that drive and push to get as much done as possible.

Fall fashion faves | chunky sweater, knee high boots & tights

Fall fashion faves | chunky sweater, knee high boots & tights

If you're in Ontario you know that our weather has done a complete 180.  One week we had 30 degree Celsius weather and the next week, the ground was touched with frost. We totally skipped over the sweater and oversized scarf phase of fall and went straight into winter jacket season.

I've still managed to inject a few fall appropriate pieces into my wardrobe.

One of my favourite outfits so far has been something very stereo typically fall. Leggings, boots and a chunky sweater. I went with brown knee high soft suede like boots with a chunky 1 inch heel. Black leggings with a subtle stitch detail on the sides, a tan light weight wool thigh length sweater and a beautiful mustard double pocket medium weight cardigan. I threw on a light weight scarf and wore my hunter green fall jacket. I literally  looked like a autumn day.

I perpetually have dry lips so regardless of what season it is, soft moisturized lips is always a goal. For the holidays Bite Beauty came out with a few small sets and picked up one that contains their lip balm and agave lip mask. I grabbed the lavender scented mask, cause I love all things lavender. It's so soothing to my senses. I have found that this combo keeps my lips well moisturized and makes it easy to removed the eventual build up of dead skin on lips.

bite beauty holiday lip set | lavender flavour

bite beauty holiday lip set | lavender flavour

Body care wise, I've really been feeling my Silk & Smooth exfoliant scrub from Botany Aromatherapy. It's a fine mix of ground up powders that when rubbed between damp hands gently foams up, providing a cleansing body scrub. I also like the scent, it's got a hint of citrus to it. It gently exfoliates without being too much for my skin and it washes away cleanly, no residue at all.

Speaking of gently exfoliation, I picked up the Foreo Luna mini back in August. I'm a bit late to the party but I really like my Luna Mini. It's that last thing that my skincare routine needed. I've found that it's helped to smooth out the last little bit of texture on my face. I still use chemical exfoliants but I think it partners well with them. I don't use the Luna Mini every night because I don't want to stress my skin and overdo it.

This favourites list as veered a lot into beauty, I'll leave the makeup for another post though. Fashion wise, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the sudden temperature changes, I'm sure I'll be able to feature more faves in a future post.

How are you feeling about fall so far? Do you have any products or items that have stood out?