Melanin and Makeup | Peach Coral , The Colour of Joy

Peach Coral Faves

Sometimes there are just some colours that you are consistently drawn to. I found that if something is a peachy coral shade, I will find it and want it. It’s simply a colour that I love. My best friend also knows this and will point out items when we are in a store together, across the board I own something in that shade range whether it be clothes, shoes or makeup. Peachy coral items just look good on me, they complement my skin tone well and seem to enhance the warmth of my skin.

If we take a look at makeup, the same trend holds true. Whether it’s eyeshadow or blush my love of peachy coral tones is evident to me when I look at my makeup collection. With peach coral tones I find that I don’t have the worry about whether or not it will look ashy on my skin, it just always works. If I want to add a warm flush to my skin I’m more likely to reach for a shimmery peach blush over a plum or berry toned blush. It’s an easy fall back colour that I know I won’t have any issues with.

There are times when you mindlessly reach for something, not fully aware that you’re doing it. However I find that simply reaching for something in my favoured peach coral family makes me smile, it makes me happy. I associate it with joy and contentment.

What colour are you obsessed with? Do you find yourself purchasing makeup in that colour?