Polish and Melanin | 15 Polishes for Fall

So while it may not be official yet, fall is up on us. You can feel it already, the mornings are cooler the sun is setting earlier. The pumpkins and other autumn themed decor is out. Ready or not fall is here. 

For the past year as my nail polish collection has grown I’ve been pulling out shades that I want to wear and that I feel fit the tone and mood of the season. Or what I want for the season. This year I’ve pulled 15 colours that feel pretty traditional to me as fall colour choices. I would rather wear the classic shades of all and add it a new shade here and there.

These are my preference for fall, if you prefer brighter or lighter shades then by all means wear what makes you happy and comfortable. I’ve got a few plum and purple tones, the must have orange shades, some muted grey tones, a few rich hued blues with a forest green tossed in and then of course my neutrals and soft browns.

Plum and Purple

The feeling of home and hearth, of warm comfort on a chilly day.


Orange is the smell of apple cider and hay rides. It’s the changing leaves from yellow to orange and then to red

Muted Greys

These are the soft over cast mornings with the crisp scent of fall in the air. It’s second layer of clothing added each day.

Blues and Green

This is the hunt. The chase to capture the essence of the season. 

Neutrals and Soft Browns

This is the colour of the harvest. Of ripened fields ready to yield their bounty.

What colours are you planning to wear this fall?