Melanin and Makeup | Fall Sephora VIB Sale

With the Sephora VIB sale starting tomorrow. I want to get my order ready. Right now I don't think that there's much I want to purchase, but I'm going to take a look through the site and my loves list and see what I'm able to grab on sale.

The Holiday releases haven't been that interesting to me so far, they just haven't hit the spot.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette

I still have my eye on this palette, apart from the price tag and the amount of product you get for the price, the one thing that's kept me from pulling the trigger is my concern about how suitable it'll be for my skin tone.

Most reviews that I've seen were done by those with a lighter skin tone than myself, some liked it while others found it too dark for their fair skin. I haven't seen anyone with a deep skin tone review though. Maybe that's saying something. 

I have thoughts about Hourglass and how they don't seem to want to include those with deeper skin tone. Even in their own marketing videos for the palette, I haven't seen them use it on someone who was darker than a medium skin tone.

Oop, looks like I just talked myself out of this bad boy. I'll add one caveat though, if there is a physical palette in Sephora that I can swatch then there's a small chance that I may change my mind, otherwise I'm actually crossing this one off my list.

Nars Hot Tryst Cheek Palette

This is another tentative yes. When I first saw the palette I was a firm yes, then I read Temptalia's review and my yes was even firmer. The blush colours are different enough to palettes that I currently own, I also enjoy the formula Nar's has for their blushes and highlighters,I think these are the gelee formula, so they're a bit creamier and not as powdery as traditional blush and highlighter.

The hesitancy comes in from reading reviews on Sephora's site, some people made complaints about the pigmentation or lack thereof. That worries me a bit, one of the things that I love about Nar's is that there blushes have great colour pay-off. 

This is one that I'd like to swatch in store and test myself. Pigmentation that can be build up is often better than, pigmentation that just blasts colour on your cheeks. Blush is one of those things that you want to be evident but not too strong, otherwise you start veering into clown territory, which is something most people don't want.

Cover Fx Power Play Concealer

I've been hearing about this concealer for a bit, but I didn't want to pick it up because I have like 4 other concealers I'm using right now. I was trying to restrain myself but I kept thinking about it. Cover FX says that it's a full coverage concealer, from reviews I've seen it seems to work well for most people. I'm just now sure if it's full coverage enough for me. 

People always say how full coverage Tarte Shape Tape is, but I don't actually find it to be that full coverage, maybe it's because I'm not using it with another full coverage product like foundation, but I still see the darkness in my under eye area. So here's hoping that this concealer as the strength and ability to completely wipe out all darkness from underneath my eyes. Yeah, you could say that my expectations are high.

Laniege Sleep Mask Lip Set

First I just want to say that I think this lip set is a great value. Last year when I purchased 1 mini lip mask and a mini hydrating mask it was $13 or so making each item around $6.50. The full size lip mask is $24 ( at least it is in Canada). With this set you get a full sized lip mask and 3 minis. 

Moving on, I like this lip mask and I'm almost out of the one I bought last year, the full size, not the mini. I use it at night as well as throughout the day, like a regular lip balm. My lips get dry easily and tend to peel, so I like having something soothing and moisturizing at hand.

The one thing that sucks about this lip mask is that it's in a jar, and though they send that little spatula with it, more times than not, I'm using my finger to apply the mask. Which is not my preferred method of application but it's annoying to carry around that little spatula thing. So If I could get this formula in a tube, it would be perfect.

Have you made your list for the VIB sale? Or are you planning to skip the sale?