Melanin and Makeup | Collection Clean Up

ABH mario palette

This post was originally going to focus on me decluttering my makeup collection. But I found that I couldn’t commit to getting rid of anything. So before I make the final cut and move these products out of my collection I figured I would make a concentrated effort  to use them more. With the explosion of growth my collection has experienced in the last year, there are many items that have fallen to the wayside. 

When I think of removing them from my collection I feel regret and just can’t do it. So I’ve come up with a compromise. This is something that I’ve seen a lot of Youtubers do, they put aside certain products each week that they focus on using specifically for that week. This ensures that you are actually rotating your collection. In doing this I will really see if I still like the products or if I’m just holding on the memory of them. 

Sleek Makeup | Eyeshadow Products

I did a post on these palettes a few weeks ago also speaking about my need to use them more. They were one of the first eyeshadow palettes that I ever purchased so they have a nostalgic memory to them.

However I don’t find myself reaching for them, the quality and pigmentation of the palettes is not lacking in anyway, so I think that making the effort to add them back to my rotation will be good thing. I’m not certain that I’ll keep all of the palettes but I think that some will still make the cut.


I'm currently working on depotting these shadows into a magnetic palette, which will give me better visibility as to what shades I have, with all the shades in one palette, I can place them somewhere that I can see them more and easily reach for them.

Lorac | Pro Palettes

This was my first high end makeup purchase. For a good while these were the only shadow palettes that I had, apart from my Sleek ones. But just like the Sleek palettes as my collection grew they got pushed to the side and other palettes came in and took their place. The shadows do have some fall out but quality wise there are no complaints at all. I’m not expecting to part with any of these guys, though that might not be the best mentality to have going in to this exercise.

BH Cosmetic | Galaxy Chic Palette

Honestly I’ve barely used this palette in all the years that I’ve had it. I’m not sure why but it just got pushed to the bottom of the palette pile and stayed there. This palette is an all shimmer palette so it needs to be combined with another shadow palette for me to create a complete eye look. I’m pretty excited to start using this guy again, heres hoping for some great makeup looks.

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Modern Renaissance and Mario

I bought these palettes last year and though I’ve used the Modern Renaissance throughout the summer, I was only pulling a few shades from the palette. The majority was left unused. The Mario palette has fared even worse than the MR, because I can’t remember the last time I used it. Again they’re both great palettes but I’ve just forgotten about them. These were the palettes that opened the flood gates to my now burgeoning collection.

Honestly with the amount of eyeshadow palettes and face palettes I currently own, if I keep going the list will be quite long. I know that since I’m pretty much wearing makeup on a daily basis now, I’l be able to get full use out of my makeup collection. Doing this weekly rotation will help me clean up my makeup collection, I’ll be able to clear out the products that just aren’t working for me anymore.

Have you employed the rotation method before? Did it help you make better use of your makeup collection?