Building on Basics | Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

I’ve had the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for little over a year and it featured in my Disappointing products of 2017. The other day I was going to the dentist and wanted to put on some makeup but not look like I had makeup on and I thought, well that palette is full of browns one of them should be good for all over my lid or something.

So I pulled out my palette and covered my lid in Salted Caramel and then blended Semi-Sweet into my crease. I was left with a very neutral soft barely there look. To finish it off I added Marzipan as my inner corner highlight, swiped a bit over the centre of my lid near the lash light and softly dusted some underneath my brow bone. I finished up the look by adding a light layer of mascara and drawing it my baby wing.

Boy was I surprised by how much I loved the look I had created. It looked fresh and chic and quite effortless. I was in love.

I decided to play a little bit more with the palette later in the day and thought of how I could build on the look that I was wearing. And so the Building on Basics series was born.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Baby Steps

The First way I amped up my neutral look is by taking one of the more colourful shades in the palette, mixing it with a little of my Mac Mixing medium and applying it to my lower lash line. I tried it with Candied Violet and loved how it looked. This purple shade has a mix of purple shimmer throughout it, when you apply it to your lash line the shimmer is still visible so it creates a nice visually contrast against the soft subtlety of the shadows on my lid.

An Extra Shot

Taking this look from soft and subtle to warm and smooth I applied Cherry Cordial in my crease and outer V,and gently built up the colour to darken it and add more depth to my eyes. I then applied Creme Brûlée all over my mobile lid, making sure to keep it out of my crease. I reapplied some Marzipan in my inner corner, added some more mascara for some drama. For my skin tone the Creme Brûlée worked best for this warm neutral look, if you’re lighter in complexion that I am then Champagne Truffle could also work as a good all over the lid colour

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Smoked Out

The last look I created is a brown smoky eye, sorry guys the palette is pretty much a neutral lovers dream so you will end up with some variation of brown with a spot of colour. Back to the look, I took Cherry Cordial into the crease to add some warmth, after that I applied Triple Fudge to my crease and outer corner of my lid to really deepen up the look and make it look more smoked out. I then applied Haute Chocolate to the rest of my lid with my finger to get better colour pay off, again you could substitute Hazelnut or even Glided Ganache. Be sure to use some type of sticky base as you will experience fall out. To finish up the look I added some black liner to my lower waterline, made my wing a little bigger and again added some more mascara, 

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

There you have it,  three ways I used a simple no fuss basic eyeshadow look as a springboard and created 3 wearable easy looks.

This isn’t a review but I just wanted to quickly say that although some of the shades have more kick back and fall out than others, overall I found that the shades blended nicely and built up intensity nicely as well. It’s not a problematic formula by any means. After doing this my thoughts on the palette have changed. It may have a place in my collection after all.