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For the past few months I’ve been fairly good with my makeup spending, just picking up one or two things each month if so much. But I’ve got to say that this past week I’ve been tempted and I’ve filled up my basket with a few items. I’ve been looking at main stream brands as well as some indie brands. I’m trying to purchase more indie brands just because they tend to experiment more with colours and formulas, they are innovative.So what am I planning on picking up in the next few months?

Natasha Denona Bronze & Glow

Natasha Denona Bronze & Glow

Natasha Denona Bronze & Glow /Bloom Palette

Maybe it’s because I’ve been focusing a lot on my skin for the past few months but I can’t this palette out of my head. Every time I see a photo of it I think, I want that. I’ve seen a few reviews where women with a deeper complexion tried it and loved it so I think that it could work for me. The bronzer may have enough red in it to warm up my skin and the highlighters look like they won’t be ashy on me which is never what one wants in a highlighter.

I’m also really interested in the sister palette Bloom, no lie I was going to get this during the Spring VIB sale and then I talked myself out it, kinda regretting that now, but let’s move one. Overall I like the colour selection, though having a palette with deeper richer shades as an option would be a wonderful thing, I still feel like these two palettes would work with my skin tone. I also like the compact size of them, they’re not minuscule but they’re also not excessively large which makes storing them much easier.

Have you tried any of Natasha’s face products before?

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette $95 CDN

This palette is a bit smaller than their standard palettes which is why the price is lower, and I’m totally behind that. I do like the colour scheme, though it’s getting a bit basic. What has drawn me to the palette is the shimmers and metallic shades. I have two of her smaller 5 pan eyeshadow palettes and I do like the formula, I don’t reach for them all the time, it depends on the look that I’m going for since the shades are more along the red, orange line. 

I hear you asking the question, isn’t the Sunrise palette going to be full of red orange shades, yes it will but there are other shades in the palette so it makes it a bit more versatile. Is this palette a must have because I need it, no not at all, it is a want though. With the smaller price tag it doesn’t leave me feeling guilty for spending that much money. I will wait till Sephora has a sale of some sort so that I can get it at a better price. 

Has this palette caught your eye? Have you tried the Natasha Denona formula before, did you like it?

Emme Cosmetics Flower Garden Palette

Emme Cosmetics Flower Garden Palette

Emme Cosmetics Flower Garden Palette Bundle $67 CDN

This palette originally launched back in April or maybe it was the end of March. There was a limited amount of the palettes, like 20 or so. The owner made each palette by hand, which is why there wasn’t a large amount of palettes available. I had my web browser open so that I could make an order and completely forgot on the day of. Thankfully Emme is doing another one day special where you can order the shadow bundle minus the palette. I’m totally okay with not having the palette, I just want the shadows. 

The colour scheme isn’t anything new but I am impressed with the how shiny and metallic the shimmer shadows swatch. I’ve had Emme Cosmetics on my radar for a while so I think this bundle is the perfect opportunity to try out the brand. There are 14 shadows in the bundle, 10 shimmers and 4 mattes. I think that’s a nice ratio, I prefer shimmer shadows so having more works for me.

JD Glow Metallon, Shimmer and Galaxy Shadows $7.50/each USD

This might sound familiar but I’ve had my eyes on this brand for a little over a year. I would hear about them here and there. The shadows are 37mm, which is a bigger size. Honestly I prefer the smaller 26mm pans, I just think that 37mm is a lot of product. Moving on, they had a sale for Memorial Day and I decided to pick up a few shades, read 12 shadows. 

I focused mainly on the Galaxy formula which is a shimmery, glittery formula. They are supposed to be highly pigmented with high shine. I did pick up a single Metallon shadow and a couple shimmer shadows as well. The colour scheme is pretty basic, pinks, purples, greens and the odd blue. However most of those shades are duo chrome which I’m excited about.

I ended up shipping the shadows to my aunty’s house in America, because I really couldn’t do 20 plus dollars for shipping, yes you read that right, shipping. This is the sad lament of indie brands, the shipping tends to be fairly high when you go international. After the discount and with conversation the shades end up being around $7.50 CDN, which isn’t too bad.

Lethal Cosmetics 12 Pan Custom Palette $75.88 CDN

So confession time, I’ve already bought these. Yes that was plural, I picked up two custom palettes, one that is just shimmers and one that is just mattes. I had a discount code so I got a little bit of off which is always a good thing. Shipping was free, which is nice. I’m super excited for these and I hope that they blow my mind. Lethal Cosmetics is an indie brand that I’ve had my eyes on. They are based in Germany, so the shipping is going to be a little while.

Right now they have a special that allows you to build your own custom palette. You are able to choose 12 shades from their line up of 45 shadows along with either the white or black empty palette, which originally cost $108 CDN, it ends up being around 30% off plus the discount code, which brings it up to maybe 35% off.

I probably should have named this post, what I’ve already bought, since I’ve already purchased two of the five items on my list with intentions to buy a third. 

Have you already purchased some to the these, or maybe have some of them on your want list. Let me know what you have yours eye on?