An Ode to Fall

fall leaf

Every year as summer to turns to fall, I get just a little bit happier. Now I love the warmth and heat of summer but fall holds a special place in my heart. it’s hard for me to summarize all that I feel inside when I think about it so I’ll try to say it in one word; Family. To me fall is the warmth and comfort of family. As nature prepares for it’s long sleep, tucking everything away it makes me think of cuddles, watching movies under a warm blanket and of hot drinks and a toasty fire. Do I actually do any of that in my own home, nope but that’s what I equate fall with in my mind.

When I think of summer I think of warm heat invading my body and warming my bones, it’s very individual but when I think of fall, I focus more on relationships and connecting. I guess it’s because as it gets cooler people may spend more time indoors with their friends and family.

Now that’s not to say that I ignore the beauty found in nature during this time, even though I see it every year watching the leaves change colour still amazes me. Sometimes the leaves can be vibrant other times they are more subdued. I don’t do this anymore but as a child I loved to jump into leaf piles. What is it about leaf piles and snow banks that makes you want to disturb them?

So here’s my ode to fall

A devotion that runs deep

Touching the innermost parts of me

The crunch of fired hued leaves underfoot

The bite of the crisp morning air and the white

frost that grazes the grass

Bodies warmed by spice apple cider

and eyes entranced, captured by changes the new season


What do you love about fall?