Skin Care Chronicles | Algenist Liquid Collagen Serum Review

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen photo courtesy of Sephora

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen photo courtesy of Sephora

I picked up a sample of this from Sephora on a whim, I saw the email saying that I could get a deluxe version and choice it when I placed my next order. I hadn’t heard anything about it prior to me choosing it. Then I saw a few Instagram review posts and thought oh, I guess it’s gaining some traction.

I’ll admit I didn’t have high expectations for this serum, I mean unless they were somehow able to lower the molecular size of topically applied collagen so that my skin could absorb it, I didn’t see how it would work. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this serum.

Before I compare the claims, I’ll first say what I like about this product. I saw a difference in my skin after using it for just two days. When I started using this serum I had a small break out on my cheeks that just didn’t want to go away, after applying the serum, I could visible see and feel a difference in my skin. That’s when I was like woah this is pretty good. But you can’t base a review on just two days worth of use, so I kept it up, using it in the morning and the evening.

I found that my skin was smoother and softer after using this product. Because it claims to improve skin’s elasticity, I made sure to pay special attention to areas where my expression lines were prominent such as my forehead, the crease between my eyebrows and my undereye area. It’s also meant to improve dull and uneven skin.

I like to apply this first thing after I’ve cleansed and toned my face, for some reason in my head I need to let it sink in for about 5 minutes or so before any other product can be applied on top, I didn’t read that anywhere, but that’s just how I use it.

On the Sephora website the brand describes the product as:

“For the first time, Algenist introduces Liquid Collagen™, a unique dual-phase formula of plant-collagen, featuring the highest concentration of active collagen. This anti-aging formula contains 13,000 microalgae oil beads naturally sourced and sustainably produced, omegas 3, 6, and 9, and a natural source of vitamin E. Skin is left more resilient, brighter, and youthful-looking”

The stand out ingredients are

“-Patented Alguronic Acid: Supports natural cell turnover, minimizes free radical damage, and binds hydration. 

-Active Plant Collagen: Helps improve skin resistance and visible firmness, while strengthening elastic force and the skin's matrix.”

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen

What I don’t love about this product apart from the jaw dropping price of $132 for 30 ml or 1 ounce of product is the smell. I don’t like the fragrance that they used, it makes me want to hold my breath when I’m applying it. I also don’t like the dropper, maybe it’s just because I have a mini version of the product and not the full size but I tend to just spread whatever product is on the outside of the dropper on my face instead of trying to squeeze anything into the dropper because that way lies frustration,  very little product comes out when I try it that way.

If the price wasn’t making my pocket book bleed I would recommend you purchase this right away, I think it’s a great product, I’m not familiar with how plant based collagen at least as a skin care ingredient so I can’t say if any collagen is actually absorbed into our skin or if enough collagen is absorbed to be even do anything. I plan to keep any eye out on the Sephora site to see if they have any specials or other mini’s available for this product, if all else fails then maybe I’ll pick it up when the next sale happens around November.

For now I would say go in and grab yourself a sample, see if it makes any difference to your skin? Hopefully it does make a positive change.