Melanin and Makeup | Top 3 Duo-Chrome Indie Eyeshadows

I’ve been purchasing mineral makeup from Indie brands for at least 10 years now and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Before duo-chrome eyeshadows were main stream indie brands were doing it and doing it well. There are far more than 3 good duo-chrome shades, but these are the shades that I reach for consistently. This wasn’t planned but these shades are also perfect for creating fall inspired makeup looks.

The shadows come from 3 different brands, Shiro, Fyrinnae and Femme Fatale. These companies have been in business for at least 6 years with Fryinnae being open the longest. They were around back in 2007 when I first entered the indie makeup scene. Since they are smaller companies and independently owned shipping delays and other such things can sometimes occur. I haven’t experienced any problems with any of the 3 companies but I know that it’s not always like that.

Shiro | I loved A Maid

Shiro | I loved A Maid

I Loved A Maid

I’m going to start with my favourite shadow out of the bunch. Shiro’s I loved A Maid. It’s part of the Seven Kingdoms Collection which is inspired by the Song of Ice and Fire series, otherwise known as the Game of Thrones. The base is a warm toned red hued brown with a green gold shift. Whenever I wear this shadow people often say that it looks like a mermaid and they wonder how I layered the colours. It’s perfect on it’s own as all over the lid shade or with a deeper brown blended in the crease for more depth. 

If you wanted to really pull out the fall tones, you could add a toned down orange brown or maybe even a deep maroon in the crease and then place I loved A Maid across the mobile lid. It wears well, however I will add that I always use a primer as my eyelids are extra oily. I sometimes use a glitter glue like base to make the colours stand out even more but it’s not necessary to make it work. A full 2.0 gram jar only costs $6.50 US, be warned though that this is a loose eyeshadow so if you don’t the format you might be annoyed when using this eyeshadow.


Next Up is Mephisto by Fyrinnae. This shadow is simply stunning. They first debut it Halloween 2009, yeah it’s been around for a while. I’m going to use the websites description because I feel like mine won’t do it justice. ‘Mephisto is a dark royal blue with a vibrant metallic red sheen that's quite striking when the light hits it. Metallic finish, not sparkly. If the red goes somewhat coppery on application, add a little more’. The shadow is a bit tricky to work with sometimes and by that I mean when applied you might end up with just royal blue or metallic red. It does take some trial and error. 

The shadow formula for Fyrinnae is a bit different than most loose eyeshadows found in indie stores. They aren’t a dry powder but have some emollient ingredients like synthetic oil ( I know that doesn’t sound the best but no worries it’s not as scary as it sounds). This means that the shadows often clump together which to me is a good think as I don’t end up with powder flying every where when I open the jar. The clumps aren’t hard though and can be used as is or crushed if you prefer. A full size jar which comes it at 3.0 grams cost $6.95 US.

Candied Apple

The last shadow is Candied Apple by Femme Fatale, this shadow also has it’s inspiration rooted in Halloween. It was part of their Handful of Treats collection This eyeshadow has a pale pink base with green shift, similar to I loved A Maid but a bit deeper in colour, when blended out the undertone becomes more brown. I don’t recall ever having any problems with the application of this shadow. Like I’ve mentioned before I always use a primer and will also use something with a sticky base to help the shadow adhere better. This also helps with pigmentation and longevity. A 3.0 gram jar of this shadow costs $4.95 AUS, they also have a larger 5.0 gram jar that is $8.95.

Are you a fan of indie makeup brands? Which ones have you tired?