Skin Care Sunday | Changes to my Skin Care Routine For Fall

So a new season is upon us, and with that it brings cooler , possibly drier weather. Which means making a change to my skin care routine. In the summer adding too many layers wasn’t a good thing due to the nature of my oily skin. Applying too much moisture in the heat and humidity didn’t make sense. Now however, the cooler weather warrants those layers. I don’t plan to do a complete re-vamp of my routine, I’m just looking to make some adjustments. What are those adjustments you make ask, well let me tell you.

Seven Skin Method

So I spoke about using this method in my skin care routine earlier this year. While I liked it, doing it in the summer wasn’t for me. Now though I feel that my skin needs the additional moisture that layering my toners brings. For the last month and half I’ve been using two toners from the brand iUnik, I reviewed the Vitamin Hyaluronic Toner which has a gel texture, but I also like to use the Rose Galactomyces toner which is less viscous in texture and more watery. The combination of these two toners adds a great deal of moisture to my skin without leaving it feeling sticky or tacky. I like to add a few layers of the Rose Galactomyces first as it is lighter in texture and then 2 layers of the Vitamin toner to round it all out.

Increase Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation works to help remove any dry flaky skin that can result in the cool dry weather that tends to follow fall. While I exfoliate during the summer I didn’t do it with regularity. Going forward for fall I plan to exfoliate once every week, this is meant to help maintain healthy glowing skin. I have an upcoming post where I will detail my chemical exfoliation routine, so I won’t go into much detail here.


Like with my toner application, during the summer I kept a minimal routine cutting out most of my serums. As it gets cooler I plan to add back in my serums that are meant to moisturize and brighten my skin. Just because the fall skies and sometimes be gray and lack lustre doesn’t mean that I want my skin to be that way, dull and sallow. I’ll continue to use my LJH Propolis ampoule, and add in my NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. I’ve also started using the NIOD CAIS 1% serum, it’s supposed to help with uneven skin tone, pore size, textural damage and skin health in general. We’ll see how it goes.


Up front, I’m lazy with the masking. I’ll do it sometimes and completely forget the rest of the time. I do however think that they are beneficial especially when it comes to help skin be moisturized. Just because I have oily skin doesn’t mean that my skin contains all the moisture it needs. Using sheet masks and those in pots can help to supplement the moisture levels in your skin. 

I’m trying not to make my routine too complicated because I won’t stick with it, if I make it that way. So just a few changes again slight tweaks to help me maintain healthy skin without going overboard.

Do you make any changes to your routine when the weather changes? If so, what do you change?