October 2017 Monthly Favourites

october favourites | Tarte, Nars,Juvia

For the last few months I’ve found any and every reason to wear makeup. Going to the store to grab some pizza perfect time to try out this new eyeshadow palette, taking my daily walk - a little blush is always good. I’ve purposed to use my makeup every chance I get, regardless of how long I’ll have it on, I’m not wasting it, and I have more than enough to vary what I use each day. Lately I’ve been going all out and wearing a full face, using upwards of 16-20 products at one time (I’ve included each eyeshadow that I use and counted it as one item).

In general I’ve just been enjoying makeup, applying it, playing with it and wearing it. Everything so far has been a win, I have very few products  in my collection that I dislike. Honestly, if I don’t like something, or find that I’m not using it I pass it on to someone who will get better use out of it.

One thing I’ve come to realize about the way I apply makeup is that I have no problem using multiple palettes. I liken it to going to a buffet, you could pick up just a few items that you’re familiar with or you could go all out and try a variety of different things, since they’re already in front of you. I never find it annoying or a nuisance, strangely enough I enjoy it. It makes me feel like I’m getting good use out of my collection, which is something I want to do.

Eyeshadow Palettes

Tarte Clay Play Face Palette

This guy is new to my collection but I love it. I don’t currently have one bad thing to say about this palette. The shades are pigmented, blend out beautifully and I really can use it for my whole face. A review post is coming up, because I have much more to say about this palette.

Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette

After many months of waiting , I was finally able to my hands on this palette. Although the palette contains some bright and bold shades I do find it to be very wearable. I really like the shade Zoya which is a duo chrome pink with gold shift and Sokoto which is vibrant red, that I love to blend in my crease. I’m also working on a review post for this and the other Juvia’s Place palettes I picked up.

Face Palettes

Julia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palette

This palette stays in rotation. I reach for this guy on a daily, I use it for blush, contour and highlight. It really is a multi-purpose palette. I find that the shades blend out wonderfully, they never look patchy when I’m applying them, nor do they skip. If you use a light hand you can build up the pigmentation to your preference, soft or dramatic, it can go either way.

Anastasia Cream Contour Palette

I genuinely love this contour palette, I can use it and get the soft cheek bone definition that I want without looking like I’ve obviously contoured. The product is a bit stiff in the pan, so I usually use stiffer brush to apply it to my cheeks and then use a slightly fluffier brush to gently blend it out.


Nars Banc De Sable Palette

Even though this palette has the potential to provide a blinding highlight I tend to use Sale the warm gold and Embruns the warm copper. I mix the two shades to get a warm highlight that I apply with a light hand for a soft subtle glow.

Jouer Rose Gold

I love this highlighter, even though it’s a bit on the brighter side, when applied sparingly and layered on top of another highlighter it can add depth and dimension. Sometimes I use it by itself just because I like it.

Makeup Geek Fireworks

This is the warm bronze glow that I think is just perfect for fall, for my skin tone it’s a nice warm bronzy highlighter. If I’m going for a no-makeup look or something a bit more dramatic either way it pairs well. It has a nice shine to it but due to it’s deeper colour it doesn’t give you a high beam shine, which is fine with me.


Stila Huge

I love this mascara because it gives me volume, it makes my lashes look lush, thick and juicy. This plumps up my fine lashes without clumping excessively, there is some but I use another of my fave mascaras to separate them.

Givenchy Noir Interdit

When I did my review on this guy I didn’t think that I’d be using too often, but I actually like it. I use it often as a second step mascara to separate and define my lashes, so they don’t end up looking like spider legs. When I just want soft definition I like to use it as well, it doesn’t leave my lashes feeling hard or crusty and it’s not difficult to remove. 


Nest Black Tulip Perfume

I love this fragrance, it’s perfect for so many occasions, if I’m running some errands, or meeting up with a friend, it works for each occasion. The scent is light and not overpowering, you can apply it to more pressure points to build up the strength or keep it light and fresh and just apply on your wrists like I usually do. I do have a full review on this scent.

Mac Fix+ Prep and Prime

My favourite way to use this spray is after I’ve applied all my face powder, so setting, contour, blush, all of that. Then I spritz my face and pat it into my skin using a beauty sponge, it helps everything melt together and leaves my face looking flawless, I’ve written a bit more about this technique in my 3 Youtuber Tips blog post.

Skin Care

Goodal Waterest Lasting Water Oil

This is a first step serum, that’s meant to prep your skin and enhance the penetration of the products that you’ll layer on top. I don’t know if it really does that, I do know though, that it moisturizes my skin nicely. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a tacky or sticky residue which does make it easier to other layer products on top of it. I’m so disappointed that Goodal is discontinuing this product.

Algenist Concentrated Restructuring Serum

This was my consolation prize because the Genius Liquid Collagen is out of my price range. I like to layer this on top of the Waterest lasting oil, I like how the two work together. It’s a creamy soft white with a gel like consistency, it applies to the skin clear and also absorbs quickly. I’ve experienced no irritation or other issues with this serum, it also plays well with my moisturizers.

SU:M 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

I could wax poetic about how much I love and enjoy using this cleansing stick, I won’t though. I will say that even though it’s powerful enough to remove all of my makeup and thoroughly cleanse my skin, it never dries it out or irritates it. My skin always feels soft and smooth when I use this cleanser.

Super Facialist Vitamin C Oil Cleanser

Lately I’ve been reaching for this guy as my first cleaner in my nightly skin care routine. The oil is a nice consistency, not too thin or thick. It removes my mascara, liner and sunscreen easily without having to rub vigorously. I like that it rinses off well without leaving my skin feeling greasy. 

So there you have it the products that I’ve been loving for the past month. A few of these have been mentioned before in previous favourites such as the Fix + and the Stila Huge Mascara, while some of them are new like the Tarte Clay Play face palette and the Aglenist face serum. Either way they’ve been a pleasant addition to my makeup and skin care routine.

What have been your favourites for October?