May 2017 Favourites

People will stare. Make it worth their while
— Harry Winston

This month I’ve split my favourites into two categories; Work horse and Monthly Faves. I decided to split them up because I realized that there were just somethings that I reached for all the time, for this reason they would always be among my favourites. So the workhorse items are the ones that I tend to use day in and day out while the Monthly faves are the ones that are being used occasionally or with renewed interest. The list is pretty long so I’ll try and keep my mini reviews short and sweet.

May faves 2017

May Faves

Monthly Faves and Work Horse faves

Lets start with the Monthly Faves.

Urban Decay | After Dark Palette

This guy made the list just because of one colour. I’ve really been enjoying Scene. It’s a warm medium tone pink with gold reflects in it giving it a bit of a duo-chrome look when applied to the lid. I like to apply it mainly to the centre of my lid to brighten my look and give that pop of colour.

ABH x Nicole Guerriero | Glow Kit

I’ve been using 143 and Glo Getter lightly applied to the tops of my cheek bones, and wherever else one might want to highlight. I use either my fingers or my Dual Fibre brush from 10BuckBrush. DayDream is also beautiful when used as an eyeshadow, it comes across as a nice peachy coral. 

The Ordinary | 7% Glycolic and 2% BHA Toning Solution

I’ve been using this guy on my body and I really like it. I plan to do a more in-depth blog post on it, after I’ve used it for a bit longer. I started using it on my body because I felt that it was causing a reaction whenever I used it on my face. After using it on my body I’ve found that my skin isn’t as itchy and it feels like it absorbs my moisturizer better, making it stay hydrated for longer.

Hylamide | HA Blur Primer

I like this guy for my under eyes, It’s more of a silicone based primer and I found that when I apply a small amount around my eye area it really helps reduce the creasing and helps prevent product from settling in the fine lines under my eyes.

Tarte | Precision Longwear Liner

I picked up this liner as part of Tarte’s 7 piece deal. It’s nice, I do find the brush a bit, just a tiny bit floppy. However I like to use it to give myself baby wings. Just at the corner or my eyes and not too far in on my lash line.

Guerisson | 9 Complex Cream

I’ve had this cream for a couple years now, since around the time it first made it’s very popular debut. I’ve found it to be great to use on days when I’ve done a chemical exfoliant treatment. I use it as my last step to lock in all the moisture.

Super Facials | Vitamin C Cleansing Oil

This is my second bottle of this oil cleanser. I find that it’s a simple but effective. It spreads easily, is great at removing my makeup and rinses away nicely, it doesn’t give me any problems. Though I’ve had it for a while, I’m starting to use it a bit more.

The Ordinary | Azelaic Acid suspension 10%

The first time I used this correctly, (Correctly to me; even though it’s in a cream I treated application like I would a regular chemical exfoliant. I applied it and then let it rest for about 30 minutes) I woke up and my face just looked brighter and fresher. I can’t pinpoint what the change is exactly but I know that I like it.

ELF Mineral Lip Gloss | Wild and Au Naturale

I re-discovered these guys as I was going through and declutteringmy lip products, I came across these guys and I remembered when I would use them all the time and even bought backups. Wild, the pink gloss gives a soft wash of colour, while Au Naturale, the champagne gloss adds a warm shimmer, I like to apply it on top of other lip products. I can layer it and build up the intensity.

Chole | Chole Perfume

You know I love this guy, I’ve already written a blog post about it. I put this on any chance I get, whether I’m going out, or preparing for bed. I like to apply a small amount to my wrists, and bask in the warm, smoky fragrance.

The Work Horse Faves

Mac | Fix+

I always use this after I’ve finished applying my makeup, not as a setting spray but just to tone down the look of powder on my skin and to help it settle better. I like to use this before I apply my setting spray, I feel like it helps it do a better job.

NIOD | Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist

I find this mist to be very calming for my skin. It helps to reduce any itchiness or irritation. I mainly use it for that, I’ll have to pay more attention to see if it does more for my skin.

Quo | Makeup Setting Spray

I like it, I realize that I’m biased though, because I haven’t used a whole lot of setting sprays. So far though I feel that this is a good addition to my makeup arsenal. I do use it every time I apply my makeup.

Guerisson | 9 Complex Toner

I think that this guy has made a big difference in my skin. I’ve started to use more chemical exfoliants and I find that applying this toner helps to improve the moisture in my skin. I find that when I use it in conjunction with other products it reduces the irritation to my skin.

Hylamide | High-Efficiency Face Cleanser

This cleanser is nice, I don’t know what it is that keeps drawing me back to it, but I enjoy using it. It doesn’t work any better than my regular oil cleansers but I tend to reach for this guy more.

J. One | Jelly Cream

This cream is so lovely. It’s light-weight, but is moisturizing. The texture is nice and it absorbs quickly and easily into my skin. I’ve had no problems with this cream, and plan to purchase it again when this jar runs out.

Stila | Huge Mascara

This mascara does give you huge lashes, I have to be careful to not apply too much otherwise I can easily end up with thick clumpy spider looking lashes. I love to apply it to just the tips of my lashes to get soft definition without looking scary.

Makeup Revolution | Black Liner

I’ve had this liner for so long, but I still love it. The little brush on is nice and firm and the consistency allows for smooth application. This was the first liner I used where I was able to actually create a decent wing with.

Mac | Mixing Medium

I find that this guy is great when I want to make an eyeshadow colour really pop on my lid. It also helps it to last longer and not fade throughout the day. I apply a small amount to my eyelid and gently pat it in, till it’s a bit dry and tacky, then I apply my chosen colour. If you use too much of the mixing medium then it will make your shadow flake off.

Benefit | Roller Lash

This mascara is nice for two reasons. The first is because of the fine bristles it’s great to use to separate my lashes, when they’ve clumped together, the second is that it’s a great mascara when you want a soft natural look, your lashes are defined but don’t look over the top.

Susan | Brow Powder

This is my OG brow powder, I’ve been using this guy for years. Since I just like to sweep the powder through my brows to darken them, this powder works great. It’s not too dark or over powering, though I still have to be careful to not apply too much.

Makeup Forever |  Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder

I’ve done a blog post about this guy already, so I’ll keep it short. This is a nice powder to use to lightly set my makeup and to also freshen up when my oil has started to peek through.

Sephora | Glossy Gloss

it’s a nice simply lip gloss, I would have preferred it without the sparkles but it does the job at helping to keep my lips soft and moisturized.

Tarte | Tartelette in Bloom

This is a beautiful palette, and is great for everyday wear. It’s also versatile enough to use when you want to create more dramatic looks. The quality of the shadows is good, they’re creamy and pigmented though they do have fall out.

Kevyn Aucoin | Neo-Highliter in Sahara

Love this powder for a soft glow from within look. I’ve recently done a blog post featuring it. You can get a subtle highlight or something brighter and in your face depending on how much you apply and which shade you dip into.

Not pictured my Sun Bear SPF50+++ Sunscreen, which is my ride or die sunscreen.

What have you been loving or re-discovering this past month?