3 Youtuber Suggested Makeup Tips That Work

If you’re an avid YouTube watcher like me, I’m certain you’ve heard a lot of different ‘tips’ that are meant to help improve your makeup application. Some of them have become big trends like baking and contouring but there are many that don’t seem to catch on. 

This first tip I learned from Jackie Aina, it’s one that I employ pretty much every time I do my makeup, the only time I skip it is if there’s a time constraint otherwise it’s being done. Jackie always says to let you concealer dry down a bit when you apply it, this is meant to help you get maximum coverage from your concealer. I’m not sure how or why but I find that it does work. I sweep my concealer underneath my eyes and to give it some time to dry down a little while I do my brows. Then I go back and blend it out, I don’t let it sit for too long but I might try that and see if I have any issues with blending it out and if the coverage level changes.

The next tip I got from Kimberly Clark, it was in a tutorial video part of series where he slowly does his whole face in makeup drag style. Anyway he said to help tone down your highlight, apply it before you add your blush. This allows you to better blend the two together, making your blush and highlighter look more cohesive instead of two colours just placedbeside each other. I don’t always remember to use this tip but I especially like it when using a highlighter that is bright and beaming. Applying my highlighter then blush creates a good balance so I don’t feel like my look is too much. 

The last tip thatI love to employ when doing my makeup is one that I heard through the grapevine. Literally someone on Twitter mentioned to someone else that they watched a video by Alyssa Ashley that helped make their skin look flawless. I’m not sure if Alyssa came up with this or not but I heard it credited to her, but what she does is after applying her powders she liberally sprays her face and then gently dabs it with a beauty sponge.

When I do this technique I prefer to do it before my eye makeup is complete, so I’ve applied all my cream base products, then powdered and buffed. I use my Fix + from Mac and wet my face to ensure that I don’t lift any of my makeup when I use the sponge and dab, I let the my face dry a slight bit, then I dab. When I use this technique all the powders just melt into my skin and I love amazing. Pores are minimized, there’s no cakiness, it’s a thing of beauty really. I do find that I have to be careful and pay particular attention when dabbing my under eye area, lest I remove my concealer and leave that area looking darker than I wanted.

Whats the best makeup tip or hack that you’ve gotten from a Youtuber or beauty influencer? Also have you tried any of the tips I mentioned? How did it go, did you like it?