New Makeup Releases On My Radar

Everyday there’s a new makeup product being launch, released or revamped. So often times they just seem to run together with few things to distinguish them from the next. There have been a few products that have caught my attention though, quite a few of the new or upcoming releases from Nars have really sparked my interest, I feel like there’s a little bias there, in that I do really like the Nars brand, and tend to pay more attention when I see that they are releasing something.

Most of the items on this list are geared more towards the face as opposed to eyeshadow, which is what I’m usually drawn to. Lets being with the aforementioned Nars.

Coucher De Soleil Cheek Palette

This is a water activated formula, that is meant to blend seamlessly into your skin, creating a natural, sun-kissed glow. The palette configuration is reminiscent of their Banc De Sable palette from last year, just with darker shades. Which I completely here for. I love that the shades in this palette are deeper so they will work better with my skin tone. I like the formula of the Banc De Sable highlighters and am very interested in checking out this guy.

It launches in March on the Nordstrom site and then end of May on the Nars site, I hope it releases on the Sephora site as well. No pricing has been given yet but I think it will be inline with the pricing for the Banc De Sable which was around $75 CDN. It’s pretty steep but I think the palette performs well. It’s still steep though.

Side Note, they do have a lighter version of this palette for those with medium to light skin tones.

Wanted 1 Cheek Palette

Yeah, another blush palette from Nars. Like the highlighter palette, there are two shade ranges available one for light to medium and one for deep to dark. Which I appreciate, that means that when I purchase the palette I can expect to have all the shades to work with my skin tone. No fear of ashiness here. 

Nars blushes have always been known for there intense pigment and I don’t think that these palettes will be any different. I’m excited by the colour selection, though it could just be that yellow that’s making everything look fresh and new. The formula on these have changed as well, they may have made them more of that gelee formula, like they did with the bronzers and highlighters.

This is also a Spring launch, again no price has been given as yet. I expect that it will be inline with their blush palette from last year and be in the $75 range. 

Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette

Not gonna lie to you, this was low on my list until someone mentioned that they were duo chrome. Then I was all the way on board. It’s a mini palette with only 6 eyeshadows, that are of course full of shimmery goodness.

Upfront I will say that I think the price is a bit steep, for half of a standard size palette it’s $62 CDN, yes the pan sizes are bigger so that even though the Wanted palette costs $74 with 12 shades you actually get more product in the Danger Control palette. I still think it’s steep though. I would rather have a 12 pan shadow palette than a 6, I prefer more options.

So I’m not sure if I will pick this guy up just because I don’t think that it’s worth it to me. It’s still a beautiful palette though. It does look real good, you never know I might talk myself into buying it later.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Back in the day I bought one of these, it was obviously way too light for me but I wanted to try it out and see if it was really all that. I mixed it with another concealer that was my shade so it was able to give me some brightening without looking crazy.

I actually really liked that concealer and used it till it was done. Now that Maybelline has extended the colour range and I can find a shade that’s more suitable for my skin tone, I’m definitely going to pick to pick one or two up. If I can get them on sale then I think I’ll pick up Tan and Caramel and maybe even Hazelnut, just in case I need to tone them down a bit.

Not sure what these will retail for in Canada though, in America they’re around $9 so they might very well be around $15 for us, in which case I’ll pick up just one, thank you.

The Balm Take Home the Bronze in Graham E.

I’ve heard great things about The Balms Bahama Mama bronzer, unfortunately it’s not suitable for my skin tone at all so with this ‘extended’ range, I’m hoping that this shade will work for me. I have to say that I’m totally here for lines extending their colour selection, I mean it makes sense from a fiscal stand point as well as an equality stand point. The company and the consumer both win.

The bronzer’s touted as having great colour pay off without the orange undertones. It releases in March, so I’ll see from reviews if this bad boy will work for me. If it does then I might just pick this guy up, it retails for $17.50 US, which will make it around $22 or so CDN, which isn’t bad for a bronzer now a days.

Pat McGrath Decadence Palette

This palette looks decadent. Like it just looks rich and fabulous. The colour selection isn’t revolutionary or anything but in the swatches and application that I’ve seen, it just looks amazing. I mean it’s a steep price to pay for what is basically an all metallic palette. Coming it at a whopping $170 CDN for 10 shadows it’s expensive. Reviews have been stellar for this palette though, with many saying that it actually exceeded their expectations. I’m thinking that I might use my birthday as an excuse to purchase it, the ultimate treat yourself argument. 

What makeup has your attention lately. Are you interested in anything that’s on my list?