Polish and Melanin | Pastels in Winter

Note: I wrote this post back in January but I’ve been remiss in posting, however I still wanted to publish it, even though it’s a bit late.

The other day I as I was going home, I sat on the subway surrounded by a sea of black and grey when I saw this bright robins egg blue handbag. It  was such a contrast because everywhere you looked it seemed that all the colour had been leached out, so the sudden appearance of colour caught me by surprise. I loved it though, I felt that it instantly lifted my mood.

Pastels and other soft colours aren’t what we typically associate with winter, it’s the deep greens, the rich reds, and the blacks and greys. I loved seeing that of vibrant blue. In a packed subway filled with tired commuters it lifted my spirits.

I was inspired by that and decided that I would try and wear those types of shades just to add a little bit of spring to my life even though we’re in a deep freeze.

It made most sense to me to incorporate those pastels shades into my life via my nail polish. You’re hands are something that you typically see all day long. Whether I’m typing at my desk, packing away samples or holding onto the post in the subway, I see my nails. 

Wearing the pastels did add the mood boost that I thought it would, it was also noticed by co-workers. Whereas most people are again wearing darker shades on their nails, there I was with lavender and sage green. It made me smile.

So even though, winter is clearing, it’s still on the chilly side, add a little spring warmth by going pastel.