Movies That I’m Looking Forward To Watching This Year

Proud Mary. Photo courtesy of

Proud Mary. Photo courtesy of

Movies are not typically things that I get excited about, I mean I enjoy watching them but for the most part I’m just not interested in most of what is being produced. I don’t like horror movies and romantic comedies are just as badHowever, they’re are a few movies that are coming out that I’m looking forward to watching. I’m not expounding on what  the plot of the movies are I’m just expressing why I’m interested or excited about this movie.

Proud Mary

To see a black female assassin is awesome. As a matter of fact a black female lead in an action movie has me so excited. It’s an amazing thing to see representation and for it not to be stereotypical and demeaning. Too often depictions of black women are negative and paint us in a bad light as if we have no ambitions and can’t move past anything other than strippers and baby mothers. 

This movie is amazing because it shows a strong female lead doing a job that one would think is best only for men. To have it be a black woman is icing on the top. I love it and can’t wait to see it in theatres.

Black Panther

From the first moment that I heard they was making a Black Panther movie I was excited, then I heard that the cast was predominantly black and I got more excited. Then I saw the trailers and I was all the way here for it. First of, I love action movies those are what I watch 98% of the time, then to see another example of positive black examples, it has me in my feelings.

The quality of this movie looks spectacular and I know that I’m not alone in saying that I look forward to seeing this in theatres with baited breath.

Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising. Photo courtesy of Google

Pacific Rim Uprising. Photo courtesy of Google

Not gonna lie, watching the trailer with Tupac playing in my hears was kinda sweet, and though I knew that I wanted to watch this movie before I even saw the trailer it added a little something more to my desire to see it. Side note I think the sound track for this movie will be epic. 

I saw the first Pacific Rim moving and I remember that I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised, I hadn’t had high expectations for it. In this one they are just continuing the battle but with a younger generation. I hope that it’s a good one.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Yeah, for the action movies. Woot another female lead that isn’t basic, another one that I’ve got my eye on this year. I liked the original movie with Angelina and I think from what the previews show that this movie will be good as well.

Continuing with the theme of strong females doing jobs that would typically be something a man does, thing Indiana Jones is awesome and in small way warms my heart. Is it anything new , no but it’s great to see women in roles that utilizes their intelligence and wit and don’t depend on them using their sexuality to get a job done.


This one goes a little against the grain of action packed with guns being fired and things blowing up. But it reminds me a bit of the Revenant and I kinda liked that movie. This one is a survival movie and though I’m not jumping up and down I want to see how this young youth survives and thrives in the untamed and unchartered wild. I know that I would fail, but I want to see him succeed.

Avengers Infinity War

I know that this word has become so redundant but people I’m shook. This trailer really has me in my feelings. I see Dr. Strange, Black Panther and the rest of the team and I am once again all the way here for it. Wait, I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy, you guys they’re really doing me in. I’m legit so excited for this movie, I’m screaming on the inside.

Rampage. Photo courtesy of Google

Rampage. Photo courtesy of Google

 Can I just say that I get excited for every Avengers or even Marvel movie. These are the cartoons and shows that I watched as a kid so even though the story lines have changed it’s my childhood right here.

I hope that it lives up to the expectations I have when I see it, because this is so happening.


The first time I saw this I thought it reminded me a bit of Mighty Joe Young, yeah the big gorilla gave me that idea. Even though this is an action movie, I feel like it would be one that I laugh at a lot while watching it. It also has the Rock which I typically enjoy watching and it’s produced by the same people who made San Andreas which I once again surprisingly enjoyed. So this is hopefully going to be a light hearted movie and I hope that George doesn’t die, because that would be sad.

 I need to mark these on my calendar because they’re so many that I want to see.

What movies are you looking forward to this year? Also what type of movie do you prefer to watch?