Products I’m Trying to Talk Myself Out of Buying.......Issa A Fail

I’m not sure if it’s the makeup enthusiast or the hoarder in me, but as much makeup as I have for some reason I still want more. I tell myself that I can barely use all of what I currently own. That doesn’t seem to stop me though. So I’m doing this post to talk myself out of buying a few things. The likely hood that I’ll purchase some of these in the future is high, but for now I’m culling them.

Tarte Toasted vs. Juvia's Place The Nubian

So at First I didn't think that I had any eyeshadow palettes that were similar to the Toasted. However after searching through I found the Nubian. They are by no means exact dupes of each other, but they do share some shades that are close such as Flame. I do think that the Toasted palette would be a good addition to my collection though. Sone of the shades that are similar in The Nubian are duo chrome shades, so in the end they aren't the same at all.

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner vs. Urban Decay Gold Griot + Electric

One of the things that the Basquiat palettes is missing is the different finishes that are in the Saint and Sinner palette. These two smaller palettes are comparative because there colour scheme is a bit similar, however I think that the Saint and Sinner has enough unique shades and finishes to warrant a place in my makeup collection.

Fenty Galaxy vs. Tarte Make Believe in Yourself + Urban Decay Moondust 

I think think that the combination of the Moondust and Make Believe palette satisfies the glitter and shimmer cravings that drew me to the Galaxy palette. Looking at them, between the Moondust and Make Believe palette, it looks like I've got all the bases covered. I will point out that the Make Believe shadows are shimmery and not glittery however I do think that the provide a similar effect on the eyes.

Nabla Dreamy vs. Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts 

Side by side they don't look like they have a lot in common. There are a few shades that look slightly similar like bronzy and bronzy but I would say that this one would be unique in my collection. The Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palette lacks the duo chrome shades that are in the Dreamy palette.

Something I’ve realized after doing these comparisons is that I’m still very interested in purchasing most of the palettes on my list. Out of the bunch I can safely say that I’m okay with not picking up the Galaxy palette by Fenty. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t pick it up if I saw it on sale. So I’ve pretty much just reaffirmed by desire to purchase the makeup palettes, this exercise was a Fail.