5 Eyeshadow Bases for Vibrant Long Lasting Colour

Eyeshadow bases for vibrant long last colour

Due to the oily nature of my eyelids I always use an eyeshadow primer, and by primer I don’t mean concealer, cause that doesn’t cut it. Sometimes though my primer might need a little help bringing out the best that a shadow as to offer. So I’ve made a small list of 5 products that I use to bring out vibrancy in my shadows.

The type of assistance each base offers varies based on the planned use. Some are great to amp up a colour while others work better for shimmer and glitter shadows. Not all bases serve the same purpose.

Sticky or Tacky Bases

To get the best out of my shimmer and more glitter based eyeshadows I like to use either my Mac Mixing medium, - which you can also use to make your own custom eyeliners. The mixing medium has a tacky sticky texture to it so that helps you grip your shadows better. I find that it works well at extending the wear time of my shadows as well as acting like a glitter glue and making my shadows pop. 

The other base that I like to use is Pixie Epoxy from the brand Fyrinnae. Like the name indicates this mimics epoxy in that it works to grip your shadows and bring out the intensity of the shade. It was originally made to work with loose mineral eyeshadows but I find that it works well with traditional pressed eyeshadows as well.

Creamy Bases

Sometimes with my skin tone shadows can blend it and look a little dull. This is when I will pull out one of these bases. The idea behind these is to provide an adequate background that allows the shadow placed on top of it to shine. I’m certain that many of you have heard about Mac Paint Pots or the NYX Jumbo Pencils. They aren’t new to the market but they do a good job of helping to make the most out of your shadow.

These creamy bases come in a range of shades themselves which makes it easy when you’re looking for something to make your eyeshadow show up better. Whether you want a black, white or even green base these products can help. 

These bases have a little bit of tackiness to them so they also help to grip you shadows and can enhance the wear time as well.

Shimmer Packed Bases

These next two products are what you would typically think of when it comes to being an eyeshadow base. They do however do a great job at intensify certain shades. I find that the RedEarth Bronzing Potion in Summer Love is great when I’m wearing warm bronze tones on my lids, it helps them apply smoother and they appear brighter, however because the bronzer rinses away with water it doesn’t make it the best for a longer wear time. You will experience fading if you’re in a situation where you’re sweating.

The Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight liquid highlighter is a bit more long wearing and isn’t  as easily moved as the liquid bronzer. This too helps shades that in a similar family appear brighter and more vibrant. I’m sure that if you have the one that is a silver white, or even one that is more bronze that you’d find they work well in the same capacity as a shade base.

I know that the last two products are a bit unusual but if you do have a liquid highlighter it might be something worth trying. It’s a good way to get the most out of your products, as you likely won’t finish a liquid highlighting product seeing as you only need a small amount to achieve a beautiful glow.

What products have you found work well as a shadow base, have you found an unusual products that can also double as a good base?