Melanin and Swatch | Coloured Rain Vivid Pigments

coloured raine | vivid pigments

Quick Thoughts

When I first saw the promo picks for these shadows I knew that I wanted them. When I saw the pre-launch price I knew that I was definitely picking it up. Did I need 16 vibrant matte shadows, of course I did. Them being from Coloured Raine just sealed the deal, I have the Queen of Hearts and Cheers to You palette and I like their shadow formula both for the mattes and the shimmers.

I've worn a few of the shadows and I have to say that over all these bad boys are pigmented. So much so that they stained my eyelids.

I've used the purple shades, a few of the pinks and red and the green shades. Nothing irritated my eyes or the skin around my eyes.

I haven't used all of the shades so I can't give a full review, but from the handful or so that I have used, I recommend them.  


Were you interested in picking up any of the Coloured Rain Vivid Brights shadows?