Melanin and Swatch | Juvia’s Place The Nubian, Nubian 2, Masquerade and Saharan Eyeshadow Palettes

Quick Thoughts

Juvia's Place The Saharan and Masquerade Palette

Closer to the beginning of the year I wrote a Should I Buy It? post about Juvia’s place, going over the pro’s and con’s of purchasing from this company. One of my concerns was the possible duplication or overlap of shades in the palettes. On the website and even in swatches some of the more neutral shades looked quite similar to one another. So I’ve swatched some of the shades in the 4 palettes, The Nubian 1, The Nubian 2, The Masquerade and the Saharan palette.

I haven’t had these palettes for too long, so I can’t give a comprehensive review.  I have used the Nubian, and the Saharan palettes to create eye looks and I liked how the looks turned out. 

One thing that I noted when I was playing around with the palettes is that it’s best not to layer too many of the shimmer colours, they tend to loose their depth and pigmentation. If you use one or two shimmer shades on the mobile lid then you’re good,otherwise it can turn into a hot mess. Well at least  I found they did that.

For this round the swatches are comparing the similar colours in each palette. One of my concerns when I was contemplating whether or not I would purchase the palettes is the fact that it looked like there were some duplicate shades.


Juvia's Place The Saharan, Nubian, Nubian 2 and Masquerade Eyeshadow Palettes

I found that for the most part there were few dupes across all 4 of the palettes, to me Yaa from the Nubian 2 palette and #8 from the Nubian 1 palette were quite similar along with Morocco from the Nubian 2 and Jamila from The Saharan. The cool brown are also very similar to one another but I think browns are one of those shades that are often duplicated across palettes, you tend to find them in palettes that are on the market. 

Overall I'm pleased with the shades, it just remains to be seen how the colours translate when used on the lid. I'm still working through using each palette on my eyes, I will write a full review in the future on each palette.

Have you tried any of the Juvia's Place eyeshadow palettes? What did you think of them?