Sephora VIB Spring Sale Wish List

Sephora and Chill
— Anon

So off the bat I’ll say that I don’t need anymore makeup than I currently have but I like makeup and new things so that means that I’ll buy new things. Most of this wishlist is based on things that I’ve had my eye on for a little bit, I tend to stick to makeup because the skin care prices at Sephora are a little too dear for me.  I’ve kept it pretty short, because I've already spent way too much on makeup this year, not that I think I'll be stopping anytime soon, but a little restraint never hurts.

Kevyn Aucoin | The Neo Bronzer in Warm Coral. $82 CDN/ 21 grams
I actually want both of these palettes but I’m going to settle on getting just one. If I love it then I’ll pick up the next one when I get a chance. I recently purchased the Neo Highlighter in Sahara and love the texture, application and performance of the powders, so I want to add to my collection.

Urban Decay | Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette. $65 CDN/ 15x1.4 grams per shadow
This is a vibrant bright eyeshadow palette, do I need another eyeshadow palette, nope but I like the looks of it. Reviews have been favourable for it, I also like that the eyeshadows are actual full size shadows, so it works out to be a great price.

Laura Mercier | Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder in medium deep.  $46 CDN/8.50 grams
I’ve swatched this powder in store and love the way it feels. From the description it looks like you can get sheer coverage with the ability to build it up. It’s been compared to the Hour Glass ambient lighting powders, which are more costly and don’t fit my skin tone the best. So if I can get similar results at a lower price and better colour match then I’m all for it.

Sunday Riley |Sunday School Skincare Set $78 CDN/ 4 piece mini set
This set has few popular items for her skin care line, and since I’ve never tried anything from her line, this might be a good place to start. Some people are super impressed with what the line offers and some find it to be bit lack lustre. For a mini set of just 4 items I do think the price is a bit steep, but I can’t say that I’m surprised as this line is pretty expensive

Drunk Elephant | Rise + Glow™ $29 /2 piece mini set
Just like I don’t need anymore makeup, I don’t need anymore skin care, however I’ve had my eyes on Drunk Elephant products for a while, and I think that this mini set is a great way to try out the products without committing to the steep price tag. There is another set that has 7 items in that is $100, maybe at a later date I’ll check that one out.

Shiseido | Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother Serum $29 CDN/ 20 mL
Honestly, I haven’t had my eye on this guy for long, I saw two reviews pretty much back to back and thought okay, you’re a contender. The price is decent for a primer, it’s a bit less then the standard 1 ounce but it’s also have the price. I’ve heard that it does great things for the skin and at $29 I’ll check it out. I picked up the deluxe sample of the sleeping mask from this line and liked it so I hope that I like this product too. ( Update, I didn’t want to wait, I grabbed this guy already :D)

Hourglass | Ambient® Strobe Lighting Blush Palette $75 CDN / 3x 2.55 grams
I’ve had my eye on this palette since it first previewed back in December. I had planned to get it then but held off. My only concern with this guy is the pigmentation. Because each pan and blush has it’s own unique swirl theres no way to know the ratio of ambient powder to blush each pan will have. So one pan might be more blush and less ambient powder while another might be all ambient powder and little to no blush. I’m hesitant.

If I were to purchase everything on my list it would come up to $343 after the discount and with taxes it would be $388. I honestly don't think I would pick up both skin care set. With the removal ofthe Sunday Riley set and the Sheiseido serum my total goes to $252 with the discount and with taxes is $285. I don't think I'll get everything right now, maybe just the Neo-Bronzer,  blush palette and maybe the eyeshadow palette, just because. After it's all said and done, the savings is pretty minimal. The discount is 15% in Ontario taxes are 13% so I really save 2%, it has been mentioned that with ebates you are actually getting a bit more, but we'll see. Maybe if they have it doubled for the sale period.

Are you planning on getting anything? If so, what’s on your list