Book Review | Patricia Briggs Silence

I was so apprehensive before I started reading this book. After reading the blurb I was expecting the worst and honestly I was scared thinking about what was gonna happen. I am quite pleased when I say that while there were definitely some unexpected turns in the story it worked out well in the end. Truthfully I was concerned that this would be be end of Mercy and I wasn’t ready for that, not at all.

So the jist of the story is that Mercy gets kidnapped, and is taken to Europe, where she meets people and even helps some of them. Adam and co head to Europe and drama ensues. that’s the story in a nut shell, a very small shell.


Though these people played secondary characters, some actually just had walk on parts, I would have loved to read more about them. Two characters who I want to dig into are Matt Smith the copilot and Stacia the half fae healer. I also want to know more about Larry the Goblin King.

Favourite Part

This is going to sound weird but my favourite part is the end because there is such a big character change that happens, it had me shocked. I didn’t see it coming at all had no idea so when it happened I was puzzled for a sec. I can say what it is because I want you to read it and be completely surprised like I was.

What Happened?

This is a burning questions for me. What happened to Wulfe, like can somebody, anybody please explain. I’m certain it will come out later in another book but I want to know now.

Favourite Quote

Okay So this kinda a favourite part and a favourite quote mixed into one, I just liked the whole badass vibe from Adam, if I only gave you the quote without the context then it wouldn’t make any sense to you.

As they moved toward the waiting vehicles just off the runway, Adam walked behind Ignatio and to his right. ‘Your scent was on my wife’s car seat along with her blood,” he murmured, though everyone in their group would hear him. Quiet, he had found , could be a lot more menacing than loud.

The wolf wanted to kill him, but Adam understood about being a solider and taking orders. Still…….

Adam said, “I will remember.”

“Pack remembers,” Honey added.

Looking Forward to

I’m not sure what’s next in this series, though whatever it is I’ll gladly read it. I do hope that Mrs. Briggs writes some more about Charles and Anna, I really enjoy their story line and would love to read more about them. Charles is an interesting character, and I like him. 

Overall Thoughts

This book got me and got me good. I had to idea what to expect and I appreciate that in a book especially one that is part of a long running series. There’s no discernible formula applied that tells you this is going to happen then this will happen and the climax will end with a nice wrap up to the story. The only thing guaranteed in this series is that trouble will find Mercy. How she deals with it, gets out of it is anybody’s guess until you read it. It’s nice to read a book a know that the next chapter is completely unexpected.