Melanin and Makeup | Makeup Forever - Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder

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makeup forever ultra HD micro finishing powder

makeup forever ultra HD micro finishing powder

I first came across this product when I was browsing through the Sephora store. I remember trying it and thinking that it was such a weird powder. To the touch it feels silky and soft but it’s in no way powdery. It feels like silicone but it’s a powder. Weird right? The powder I choose was the Peach for tan to deep skin tones, though it’s coloured in the pan it blends out on the skin so much so that it’s translucent.

This is said to be the MUFE loose powder in pressed form, it’s focal ingredient being silica. I never tried the MUFE version of the powder instead opting for the cheaper ELF one so I can’t compare the two to see if they function in similar ways.

This powder claims to blur, smooth, and reduce shine with the even, natural-looking, matte coverage.

They didn’t lie, I do find that instantly the appearance of your pores is softened and your skin is visibly smoother. It does have a matte finish and keeps my face matte for quite a while, which is a feat in of itself has my face doesn’t stay matte, ever.

makeup forever ultra HD micro finishing powder

How I used it

As a setting powder

I find that the initial application is great, it instantly reduces the shine, and minimizes the size of my pores. Even though it's translucent you don't want to go over board, just a light dusting. I use it in conjunction with a loose setting powder to set around my laugh lines and nose, the area's where I tend to get oily fast.

Before applying my base (concealer)

After applying my primer, I press this into my skin with a small pouf ala Jackie Aina style. This is done to help with oil control. Honestly I can't say if this did a whole lot, I didn't really see a difference, it's just another way that you can use the powder if you want.

To set my under eyes

If a light dusting is used then I can use it under my eye however I would not try to 'bake' with this powder as applying to much can leave you looking orange. The product doesn't cake up on my face but I get an overall orange tint. I really like to use this under my eyes.

On it’s Own

On days when I didn’t apply any makeup, I still applied the powder to utilize it’s mattifying and smoothing properties. I tend to get super oily during the day whether or not I’m wearing makeup. It did help my oil production throughout the day, it didn’t eliminate it completely but it did help minimize it. You do want to pay attention to the type of base you have, I tried this with a silicone type mattifying product and the powder pilled off when I applied it to my skin.

makeup forever ultra HD micro finishing powder
MUFE HD pressed finishing powder



I’ve taken quite a few photos with this powder on and have had no issues with flashback. I don’t know if this can be attributed to the fact that I have the peach coloured powder and not the translucent white one.

Lasting power

However I don’t find that the shine reduction lasts too long. Within an hour of application I start looking very ‘glowy’. If used in conjunction with a loose powder as a finishing powder then I remain matte for longer but this due more to the loose powder rather than the MUFE pressed powder. 



Using a beauty sponge like the beauty blender or real techniques isn't something that I would advise. You'll apply too much product on to your skin with a sponge. I also found that there appeared to be some oil transfer from my skin to the powder that wasn't easy to remove. I had to use my finger and scrape it away. 


Using a brush is the best method of application for me. I prefer to use a fluffier powder brush so that the chances of me over powdering and looking orange and oompa loompaish are completely minimized. This is not the type of powder that you want to buff into the skin, even though it’s meant to be translucent, the slight orange tinge won’t do you any favours if too much is applied.

The Packaging

It’s pretty compact. If reminds me of a smaller version of the MUFE empty magnetic palettes, clean and simple. Black matte metal exterior, it can capture your finger prints but is easy to clean. There’s a little press in mechanism when the compact opens, which makes it easier to open and helps save you from breaking your nails trying to pry it open. It does come with a mirror which is nice. It’s light weight but closes securely. 

makeup forever ultra HD micro finishing powder

Final Thoughts

I like this powder. It doesn’t give me long lasting effects but it doesn’t promise to do that. I like that it doesn’t make me look cakey or over done and with it being in a compact case I can bring it with me for quick touch ups.