Books| My Fave's from Shelly Laurenston

A good book, has no ending
— R.D. Cumming

So I usually post a book review, on this last Sunday. However I haven’t read any new books that compelled me to write a review about them. Instead I’ve been revisiting books from one of my fave authors Shelly Laurenston. I’ve mentioned her a few times here and here. So I’m dedicating this post to a few of my favourite books that she’s written, through all of her various series. One thing you’ll notice is that I thoroughly enjoy the way she writes her female protagonists, to me their well rounded, in that they can be strong but also realize that they’re capable of deeper emotion without losing their edge. 

Bite Me - What can I say about this book that I haven’t already. I love it. Livy and Vic make a great pair. I love the strength and power that you find in Livy, even though she’s small and may seem unremarkable at first glance, there’s a determination and force that the exhibits that I appreciate. I may be biased because I want to see some of myself in her. Vic is just chill, this big bear- cat combo that somehow finds its balance. He appears unbothered but moves when it’s needed. Livy is trying to figure out what or who killed her father, while keeping her family from destroying the world in their own brand of retribution.

Big Bad Beast - This book focuses on Dee-Ann and Ric as they fight to destroy the organization that is targeting hybrid shifters. Dee-Ann is a former Marine and Ric is a world class chef, both of them are apart of ‘The Group”. Dee- Ann the female lead in this book is so awesome. She’s focused strong and skilled but fully able to empathize and show compassion. In short Dee-Ann is a bad-ass. She makes grown men twice her size tremble with her mere presence and family name. I’m sure it helps that she has her father’s unnerving eyes. Ric is a sweetheart who can be as deadly as his mate.

Feel the Burn and Light My Fire- This is a Dragon Kin book, even though these are two different books they feature sisters who come from a warring tribe, that views males as the weaker sex. To their dragon counterparts this is so contrary to their way of thinking, in their eyes they’re charming and dashing, quite worthy of adoration. Of course neither of the sisters see’s that, they think that the dragons are pampered and weak, fit only to look after children and to tend the house. As the stories progress their opinions do change on somethings, though they still think that their chosen partners are a bit soft.

Overall I'm just a big fan of her writing. I have genuinely enjoyed the books I've read from her, not all at the same level but I love her writing style. There are other books that I would recommend from her such as Bear Meets Girl, Hunting Season and Dragon on Top.

Have you read any of Shelly Laurenston's books before? What did you think? Do you have a favourite?