Winter Wardrobe Addition

Light Weight Knit Wear

Note: This is another late, late post. My apologies, though to be fair it is still pretty cold here in Canada, Spring has not yet sprung.

My Favourite addition to my winter wardrobe this year has been my knitwear sweaters from Zara. I picked them up in three different styles just because I loved them. It was love at first feel. There are a few reasons why I really like these sweaters.

Light Weight

I enjoy these sweaters because they’re light weight, this isn’t usually considered a good thing when one is purchasing sweaters for winter. In my case though, the sweaters being light weight is a benefit to me because my work space is super hot, like it feels like 27 degrees Celsius in there. It’s hot and stuffy and quite uncomfortable, especially if I’m wearing a ton of layers plus a heavier sweater. This is where these sweaters come in. I can still put one or two layers underneath them without fear of getting over heated when I’m at work, since they’re so thin I can put a heavier hoody on for additional protection against the cold winds without feeling bulky.


Like many people I love having soft fabrics against my skin. These sweaters are so soft and feel so pleasant to wear, it was definitely a selling point for me. I don’t like rough, itchy or scratchy things against my skin and will walk past a clothing item I was interested in if I think that it will be uncomfortable to wear. I don’t want to have to layer a long sleeve tee or leggings underneath my clothes to make them somewhat comfortable to wear. 


The material and style of these sweaters is softer and more feminine. I’ve been purchasing items that complement my body and size more. These although they have some movement to them don’t add bulk and size to my body. I’m petite so it’s easy for a garment to overwhelm my frame. These sweaters drape nicely against my body, hinting at shape without being tight and ill-fitting.  

I was also able to pick up the sweaters in a few different colours so I have my standard shades, grey, navy and black and some fashion colours like purple,orange and red. I like that they have some bright vibrant colours, it’s an easy way to add colour to my wardrobe without over doing it.


This one goes back to the sweaters being light weight, because they aren’t typical heavy knitwear it means that I can wear these in other seasons. They will work well from spring through to winter, there are a range of ways that you can style them. You can wear them as they are or add layers to increase the warmth. 

And those are just a few reasons why I've been loving these sweaters. They've definitely become a staple in my work wardrobe.

What are some wardrobe additions that you've been loving?