The details | New Makeup - Spring time in Paris ,Queen of Hearts and Eyescream Palette

Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt
— Net-a-Porter

I recently picked up these 3 eyeshadow palettes. Initially I passed on all of them, I mean they’re nice but they weren’t calling my name. Then the Queen of Hearts palette sold out and I wanted, go figure. So when they had it back in stock, I grabbed it. There was a lot of buzz about it because the palettes sold out in like 2 minutes. I can say that the palette does live up to the hype. Mind you I haven’t had it for too long or used it too much yet, but the pigmentation is there. I wasn’t surprised though, this did get an A+ rating from Temptalia.

The Spring time in Paris palette from Jouer was another gradual buy. I ordered it from a UK site that had free shipping promo on all Jouer products, I also picked up the rose gold highlighter which I featured in my April favourites post. The palette is nice, I’m not in love with it but I’m not disappointed by it.

I’m not sure why I get interested in a palette after the fact. The Eyescream palette by Dose of Colors came out in fall or late summer of 2016 and I didn’t pay it any mind, then it was gone and of course I wanted it. This is another UK site purchase, so far I’ve just swatched it, but I can see myself using some of the brighter shades soon. It’s getting warmer so I’ll be playing a bit more with colour.

Jouer | Spring Time In Paris

Coloured Raine| Queen Of Hearts

Dose of Colors | Eyescream