Skin Care Sunday | J.One brand Review

Makeup is the fun part, but skin care is the most important part
— Nicole Guerriero

J.One | Jelly Pack

I primarily use this as a primer for my makeup. Due to the tacky texture of this product it’s perfect for grabbing onto products. I find it a bit more moisturizing than I generally need in a primer so I use it primarily under my eyes, but I sometimes apply it all over and then use another primer on top of it.

J.One | Jelly Cleanser

I really enjoy this cleanser, though the texture is a bit off putting to me. It comes out as a clear gel and has a slippery almost slimy feel that goes away ones you’ve rubbed your hands together well. I find it gentle enough to use in the morning and effective enough to use as my second cleanser in the evening. I do plan to repurchase this once I run out of my current tube. I will say that the product lasts a long time, as you don’t need to use a lot.

J.One | Jelly Cream

I love this cream. In the jar it looks like a regular lotion or cream but when you apply it to your face you find that it has a light texture and absorbs into your skin quickly. It’s not too heavy so you can use it in the morning or evening, as well as during the winter or summer. Though I would layer it with another moisturizer in the winter. Overall I find it a joy to use this product, I’m honestly not certain why, it doesn’t have any particular scent or have a texture that’s uncommon. It’s just pleasant to use and effective.

J.One | Hana Cream

This guy I don’t use as often. I think it’s partly because of the balls, which is funny because I think that was part of the allure of this product. It’s a bit heavier than the Jelly Cream but not excessively so. I’m able to moisturize my whole face with one ball, though I do sometimes find it problematic to smooth out the product on my face. It tends to want to clump together as opposed to spreading out, so some pressure is needed.

Overall the standout products from this line for me are the Cleanser and the Jelly Cream, though I do make sure to get regular use out of the other two products. Sometimes I will use the Jelly Pack as a moisturizing layer as part of skin care routine instead of my makeup routine. You do have to pat it out gently with your fingers to help diminish the tacky feel, then the rest of your skin care products can be applied on top. Brand Review


Brand Review

What I’ve got my eye on

So I’ll say it straight up, I really like what I’ve purchased from this line so far and am very interested in some of the other products that the line offers. I wouldn’t say that they are revolutionary, but based on my experience with the skin care items I do have I think that they would work well. 

J.One | Black Jelly Pack Sleeping Pack

From the first time I saw this product I was interested in. Sleeping packs are not something that I use all the time, but I find them to be great on days when I use chemical exfoliants. They’re a great way to lock in and keep my skin moisturized so that it doesn’t become irritated from the acids that I used.

J.One | Moisturizing Beauty Water Toner

This is meant to keep skin dewy and smooth by providing hydration, it’s also said to have a calming effect. Gentling soothing irritated and sensitive skin. This seems to be aimed primarily at those with dry skin, but hey everyone needs hydration right.

J.One | Moisturizing Fluid

Even though this is called a fluid it’s more of a light weight moisturizer. The ingredients in this product aren’t stellar but from looking at them I would say that this product has more of a gel consistency which leads me to think that it would be absorbed into the skin quickly and easily. This might be a great product for those days when you don’t want something too heavy.

J.One | Boosting Essence

This essence is meant to boost the dewiness and hydration in your skin. It claims to be fast absorbing, high nutrition and high moisture. the essence also contains niacinamide and adenosine which are meant to brighten the skin, and help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Have you tried any products from the J.One brand? What did you think of it? Do you plan to purchase anything else from the line? Let me know in the comments below.