Quick Review| Pat McGrath Mothership Mini Palettes

Pat McGrath | Bronze Temptation

So I’m doing a follow-up post to my Sephora VIB Haul post, in that post I mentioned that I didn’t think the Pat McGrath eyeshadows were all that, I thought they were okay but not really worth the hype. Well I write today to say that I stand corrected.

I’ve worn the shadows quite a few times in the 3 or so weeks that I’ve had the palettes and I can definitely say that my opinion has changed. These shadows perform and wear well, the shimmer shadows have a high metallic shine to them and the mattes are good. I’ve used the mattes but I’ve been focusing mainly on the shimmers.

There have been looks that I was doing where I wanted to use a bronze shadow and do a very low key glam look, I was using a shadow from another palette, but I wanted a bit more punch. So I grabbed my Metalmorphsis palette and used one of the shades in there – I don’t remember which one exactly- when I tell you that my look went from low key to high key real quick.

That shadow looked like liquid gold on my lids. One of my co-workers said that it was her favourite look out of the many that she had seen me wear. All credit goes to my Pat McGrath and Mac mixing medium.

I am well and truly impressed and interested in purchasing more of Pat’s palettes. 

Have you tried any Pat McGrath Labs eyeshadow palettes, if you have what do you think of them?